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    The rear fender lips are doubled up sheet and spot welded, so they resist being rolled up the most, the front is just a single layer flange. Looks like he had one of the fender rollers that bolt onto hub? If so, those are the best way to do it and easiest to get a consistent, smooth roll. I ended up doing the score and wrench method for my rears, which was enough to get rid of the sharp edge where contact happens. I haven't removed my liners in ages, so sounds like I don't want to do it anytime soon now, without pulling the fender first, eh??
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    Hey Ted,

    Yeah, if you don't have to remove your liners then don't. Chances are they may crack on you as mine did. Thankfully, the guy that did my fenders has done over 120 cars in the past 2 years and is also a BMW technician at the local dealership, he was quite knowledgeable and did a great job. Sometimes, things do go according to plan.

    Now I need to go and drive the car and get a good feel for her. It needs a full going over mechanically. My next step is to locate a local tuner in my area who knows these engines. I would feel better once someone looks into the ECU and makes sure it's all working correctly.

    I'll make some calls tomorrow and begin my search!

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