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Thread: SVO Codes

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    SVO Codes

    Is anyone familiar with Code #26? It is for a mass air sensor. Should I clean the sensor? Replace the sensor? I solved my last problem where my car was running rich. It turned out to be Code #22 which is the map sensor, but Code #26 now keeps coming up. The car is running fine. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

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    *Moved from FAQ to tech section*

    it's not a common code...
    post #2 here in the FAQ section for codes..

    As SVO's don't have MASS air, or transmission temp -- it's specifically referring to the VANE meter.

    Vane meter is not a overly complex piece of hardware.
    here is the test procedure.

    I'd check wiring first, but another thing to check is oil build-up on the temp sensor inside the meter.
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    Do a search for testing the VAM or VAT. This is the device that measures air flow into the engine. As Eric mentioned, it may just need a good cleaning. Use electronic cleaner to flush the oil residue out of the internals.
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