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    They can make a really nice car and call it an SVO if they want. But they will not be able to make the SVO stand out like ours did from the rest of the pack. The new GT350 with performance pack is close to being a super car. It would be hard to make something that stands out from that as much as the SVO did in 84-86.

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    While I am not in the market for this car, I think it should be offered up to the masses. For those who can't swing a GT350 price or a PP2 GT, then this would be a great alternative. If anything, it could be a good auto-x contender in one of the stock classes...from my feeble amount of SCCA rules deciphering anyways. At least it would give you a great handling S550 for less $$ than a V8 alternative version, compared to what the SVO was to the Fox chassis.
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