Bill - I did keep the SVO spindle, brakes, and struts, I only changed out the LCA and Springs (along with the MM ball joint adaptor). I did follow that other post, but really couldn't come to a conclusion as to what everyone was doing, so I tried it myself. It doesn't EXACTLY line up when trying to jack the arm into place, but it will if you 'bevel' the area the rubber bushing/sleeve initially hits before going into the bolt pocket. You might have to get a C clamp to 'tuck' the rubber bushing in so it goes into the beveled area (grease that area up will help). Once in, it looks fine. I was also able to keep the sway bar, it just bolts to the arm at a slight angle (I can't tell the difference in handling).

So in summary, are all of these changes ideal to the specific handling of the SVO? Probably not, but my goal was to get the car back on the road to enjoy it again without spending a gob money on NOS items. I've owned the SVO for almost 20 years now, and would like to see it back on road a lot more than the last couple of years.