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Thread: Seat Options?

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    Seat Options?

    Thought I'd post what I did today with the seats. Much like everyone with cloth seats, my side bolster is showing wear (not so bad for 170k miles tho) and since my son is coming back from college and driving it this summer (working for the street dept, so won't be the cleanest person driving it), I swapped out some seats I had laying around (I was a junk yard rat back in my younger days). From what I remember, I think they are from an 90's Escort GT or similar, but since they had my favorite halos and were in good condition, so I picked them up for $30. Had to swap the brackets, but everything lined up without any modifications.

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    Its VERY similar in color and look (the color is a bit lighter), but not nearly as comfortable as the SVO seat. The big difference that stood out for me in the first 20 seconds of driving was the back thigh cushion, which isn't adjustable like the SVO, so it feels a bit weird pushing the clutch in. We'll see if my son even notices the change.

    What has people done to try and repair the side wear? Is the cloth available anywhere?
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    We replaced the upholstery in our 86 with the TMI cloth and seat foam. The pattern and color were very close, but since I was replacing everything, any mismatch was a minor concern. You _may_ be able to tell if someone parked a low-mileage SVO next to ours, but still, it doesn't bother me. We're not going for a 100-pointer here.

    I believe we got the parts from the late model restoration site, and I see now that TMI doesn't show cloth seats for the SVO, so I'm not sure of current availability. I do know that the reseller was out of inventory when we started our upholstery project, and they sent me swatches when they got them from TMI, or their supplier, for me to compare. I remember it matched pretty closely. The reseller does list cloth covers for the SVO, but you may want to check with them for availability and see if they can provide swatches, if you're really concerned about match.

    We did the recover ourselves. It was a LOT of work! I even picked up a pair of decent hog ring pliers and an upholstery stretcher. I don't recommend even thinking about doing this work without those. I also got some spare hog rings, just in case. You'll also need a staple gun.

    Even though we did the work in the comfort of our own living room, with a decent set of tools, and the 'secrets' gathered from the intarwebs and youtoobing, our work sessions would end when we were too tired to continue. It took a few iterations to get the new covers on, and the wrinkles out. My wife won't allow me to do this again. I agree!

    I'm very pleased with the outcome, but will farm this work out if I have to ever do it again. You can have a look on my restoration project to see what the recovered seats looked like. Did I mention it was a lot of work?
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