Hi guys, my fuel leak saga continues. Leak has been occurring near the # 2 / 3 intake valley. Re / re the injectors (all new o-rings and pintle caps, 3 injectors tested and serviced, 1 replaced with rebuilt unit) and new fuel pressure reg. Install went smooth, no leaks upon initial start up and road test. Car ran great (had 1 bad injector originally, now all 4 are 100%). Drove the car to work last night, got home, could smell fuel again. Popped hood, noticed fuel at the #2 / 3 intake valley again. Could the rail have a crack? Did not disconnect the 2 plastic fuel line connectors when the re / re was done. Could the leak be happening at the fuel line connections and making it's way down the rail? Will investigate further this weekend, but may be in need of a used / new rail and or fuel line o-rings (if they are even used there)..Your thoughts / advice greatly appreciated