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    Sticky Fan

    I haven't driven my car for a month. It has been parked in the garage. When I went to drive it I noticed the radiator cooling fan is constantly on. The temperature in the car is fine, but the fan stays on.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Does anyone else know how to fix it?
    I put my code reader on and there are no codes.

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    Likely one of two main culprits, either the fan relay under the dash or the fan temp sensor on the back/lower side of the lower intake. The temp sensor on the top of the lower intake between injectors #2 & #3 is for the EEC and NOT the cooling fan. The stock fan sensor it set to trigger on at 226 deg F for reference.

    The cooling sensor is normally open below 226 deg F. An easy way to see if it is internally shorted would be to pull the wire off of it and see if the fan shuts off, which would mimic an 'open' sensor. If the fan continues to run, then move onto the relay.

    The fan relay under the dash is known for having issues when the terminals on the relay start to lose good contact over the years and arcing occurs, which can burn out the contacts and even stick a relay closed. The relay terminals can be easily checked by pulling the wire harness plug off the housing. The relay is a small black box under the dash just to the left of the steering column with a couple big yellow wires going into it.

    Good thing is, both items are still available if either one has given up the ghost. Good luck.
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