Folks,I have been on and off this forum in line with being on and off in my storing of my 84 since the 80s. I seem to have the bug again. The problem I am having is one that I have not seen before and one that I think needs the help of the experts out there. A few years ago my car seemed to have a clutch that was slipping. It would only produce so much power then it would just rev. I had the clutch replaced and was told there was not a mark on it but the problem seemed to go away. Last year the same problem started to happen again. I brought it to the FORD dealer and they replaced the distributor cap and replaced some aged wiring but it never really addressed the problem. They said it was not the clutch as the clutch seemed good and they would need to do more investigation. I drove it home...What has happened since then is the car will not drive. It idles perfect and revvs perfect for as long as I want but will not drive. As soon as it goes into gear (F or R) it looses power and sputters and dies. If I put it back in neutral it idles perfect and can easily rev with consistent throttle. I do not want to take it anywhere until I know the solution. I have been at this game on and off for a long time. Gas seems good in it, plugs are clean, can't hear any air leaks, not a turbo issue, but it just wont run in gear.Any thoughts GlennHalifax, Nova Scotia