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    Header Panel

    Getting ready to send my SVO in for paint! Noticed my header panel is pretty banged up. Is the header panel used on the SVO nose the same used in other cars of the same year? To me it looks the same.

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    No, the SVO header panel is SVO specific and is made of unobtainium. If it is repairable, I recommend adding some fiberglass reinforcements and call it one.
    Mike S

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    Paul Becker makes reproductions but only to order. He does not stock them.

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    I believe I got one of Paul's panels when we did the body work on our 86. It's a very nice unit, and highly-recommended. I did paint it aluminum color so it more-closely matches the original unit's color. That looks okay, but needs touchup after installation.

    But +1 on what Mike said. If you have most of the old unit, take it out and repair it with some fiberglass backing, and at least hang on to it even if you get a replacement. I still need to lay out what's left of our OEM header and finish patching it, but still have most of it.
    Gene Beaird,
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