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    Door Help

    Hello SVO friends. I picked up what was supposed to be a pre-87 set of doors for my Car. Car is in paint and they are close to reassembling the doors. The issue came up that the hinges welded to the door are not the same as what was on the 85.5 SVO. I had not noticed this before. Does anyone recognize what year this would be from? It does not appear to have a way to mount the roller mechanism to it. I was wondering if that extra piece of metal is what would have been used in place of the roller in early Mustangs. The pictures of the painted hinges are top and bottom on the same door. Also put a picture of the roller hinge on the existing. Now part two. These were manual doors before. I need to install the electrical in them. Does anyone have a guide somewhere on how to trip the doors to mount the power mechanism and associated bits? I know I saw a thread on it at one point. Thought it was here but cannot find it again. Thanks for the help in advance! Getting close to having one more back on the road!
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