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    Which are the stock SVO engine bottlenecks?

    I really have been trying to learn everything I can about the stock SVO but there is conflicting information everywhere so I am going to post what I believe are the performance bottelnecks of the stock engine with the hope that the most informed will give the most correct numbers:

    SVO crank and bottom rev limit = 6750rpm
    SVO crank and bottom with auxillary shaft upgrade rev limit = 7500rpm
    SVO crank and bottom with forged internals upgrade/balance rev limit = 9250rpm
    Intake limit in lbs. of mixture = 24lbs @16psi boost
    Intake limit in lbs. of mixture = 30.8lbs. @28 psi boost
    Intake limit in lbs. of mixture with larger plenum and port work = 36lbs. @28psi boost
    WHP with plenum and port work = 390whp @28psi boost
    WHP with plenum, port work and mild cam = 425whp @28psi boost and port work
    WHP with new head = 470whp @28psi boost
    WHP limit with T3-45 turbo = 225whp
    WHP limit with T3-50 turbo = 260whp
    WHP limit with T3-60 turbo = 305whp
    WHP limit with T3-s60 turbo = 320whp

    Note that the bottleneck described can be addressed with other additions. For example, the WHP with plenum, cam and port work upgrades can reach 425whp but is bottlenecked by the stock turbo to ~300whp.
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