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Thread: Fuel Injector Harness

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    Fuel Injector Harness

    Harness worn, injectors won't clip and stay on. Anybody make after market aside from Ron Francis? Is his FH-23 the right one? Site states Thunderbird turbo coupe 2.3. My understanding is that it's the same engine.

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    You can just de-pin EV1 connector and install new or used ones. Just take the injector harness off the car and to a workbench change out the pins, re-tape as necessary and reinstall. I had to recently to this to my SVO, it was pretty easy. Just check out a couple of videos on how to remove the pins for the connector and you should be good to go.

    Big R Motorsports sells a used set for 15.


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    you can buy injector connectors themselves from most auot-parts stores, they're typically cheap, like $2
    just do yourself a favor, use solder, and heat-shrink tube -- not crimp-connectors to connect the new connectors.

    something like this..ebay link
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