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    Swapped Back to Stock Turbo

    Well, about 110k miles ago (at around 60k miles) I participated in a Precision SC-50 group purchase (essentially a T3/4 hybrid), and did a ported head and ranger cam with all the supporting stuff. About 3 years ago, went back to the stock head but kept the big turbo. Luck has it, the turbo wasn't giving me the normal high pitch spooling up noises and thought it needed a rebuild (still boosted tho), so I stuck the stock T3 back on. Whoa, I've completely forgotten how almost 'immediate' boost felt like with the .48 exhaust housing. Sure it doesn't rip your head off above 4k like the hybrid, but I really like this turbo for street driving.

    Didn't bother hooking back up the cooling lines, just make sure it idles a few before shut down. I couldn't remember how I initially swapped the turbo, if I took the whole thing with manifold out, or just did the turbo. This time, I took the whole thing out and put it in a large vice from the manifold to get at the turbo nuts. It was a royal PIA, and only ended up breaking two studs in the turbo exhaust housing.

    Isn't it funny how you come full circle? Was hell bent on making this thing good and fast in my younger years, but now I'm happy with it just feeling good on the street.

    FYI, here is a pic of the two turbo's:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I actually did a hybrid intake side wheel, with a .48 exhaust compressor, so you did get the low end, but it didn't fade out on top end. That specific turbo (don't recall the full specs of it) was built by Charlie @ evergreen. That engine went kaboom, but that turbo will end up in another SVO at some points soon.

    I built that one when I was slightly big into auto-x, and wanted something to spool early, and pull hard. Unless you're building a drag car, we all sometimes forget, balance is the key.
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