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    EEC-IV tuning/monitoring

    Hi, looking for info on any electronic gizmos that can tap into the EEC-IV ECU data. Mostly to look at what various sensor are reporting but any tuning capability could be interesting too.

    I did find one - - but didnít know if anyone had experience with it on an SVO (they only mention 5.0 on the web site - have not emailed yet to ask about 2.3).

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    The only ones I have heard of the that works with the EEC-IV is Tweecer and Moates. I have a PIMP and have no first hand experience with them.
    Mike S

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    I have a tweecer RT --- make me an offer if you want it...
    it's plugged into a working LA3 at the moment,

    it's no modern day tuner, that's for sure... but it can be tuned. This one I've never been able to get a data-log from it, altho it supposedly works.
    Eric C
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