I have a 1984 Svo with an 86 engine, brown tops and a PE computer. It has a Kirban adjustable fuel pressure regulator only 200 miles on it) and a Bosch N69100 inline pump (200 miles) and a new filter next to the pump. Factory in tank pump as far as I know. With the engine off using the eec test connector running the fuel pumps, I can only get 50 psi. If I turn the pressure up using the adjustable regulator, it will only go up to 50 psi. If I set the base fuel pressure to 40 psi and add air pressure to the boost reference line on the regulator, the pressure will climb to 50 psi @ 10 psi of air but will not climb with more air pressure. I have ordered a Walbro GSS342 and a fuel sending unit/pump hanger for it.

I have two questions

1: Am I overlooking something? I feel like the pump should have no problem going up to 70-80 psi.

2: Why do people remove the exterior pump? It is new and from what I have read, is better than the walbro pump?

Thank you.