1986 SVO, 1992 LX bumper and hood. Has a front mount intercooler that was an eBay special home brew, dual core radiator, and a manual switch fan. Finally finished the brake work it needed today and took it out for ~8 miles of driving in circles in my neighborhood (uninsured) at 25mph. Car hit the A on the temp gauge (just over 3/4 gauge) while cruising, Iím not sure if I should consider that excessive or just sketchy gauge since it didnít do that before the FMIC or LX nose. I intend to space out the back of the hood so it sits above the cowel and allows air flow back past the firewall and out of the bay. Water pump and hoses are all new, as is the coolant (70/30 water/coolant). I made sure I had the heater on back when I was bleeding out the cooling system, and itís still full of coolant. Any other things I should be looking at?