Hi - been searching the forums for brake info and found some good stuff - but still have questions.

Passenger side rear brake just started getting stuck on. Not all the time - started right after driving on a wet road. Next day it was fine. Randomly did it again today and then it resolved on its own after about 30 minutes (dry out and hot).

After the first time - pulled the wheel and caliper. Everything looked ok but I removed the pads and rotor, wire brushed the guides that the pads slide on, put a thin layer of brake grease on the guides and reinstalled everything. It has SS braided brake lines already which are not too old and not many miles.

I did notice that the locating pins which hold the caliper on slide thru rubber sleeves (referred to as an insulator in the service manual). These rubber insulators are badly deteriorated and are basically just a goo that has partially hardened on the pins with the rest a gooey mess in the caliper insulator/pin bores.

I've ordered new rubber insulators for all 4 wheels (assuming they are all deteriorated - only looked at one wheel so far). Could this gooey rubber be the cause of the brake sticking? Doesn't really look like the caliper moves/slides on that pin but maybe this is a factor?

Or maybe the caliper just has an internal problem. The parking brake does work and I use it regularly. Cable is in good shape but maybe the parking mechanism within the caliper is not releasing - is that possible/likely? Just wondering if I need to buy a caliper(s).