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    have not tried that yet.........
    have not taken it out on a long stretch of road yet
    got a couple of things to wrap up on the car, will then try that

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    So warm or cold, then not likely the ECT sensor.

    Another quick question...Does your tach stay working/steady during the breaking up or is fluttering like someone is turning it on/off? When my PIP was on its way out, it would literally drop the ignition and tach signal, which would very quickly drop the tack to '0' and back up as if I was shutting the ignition key off. And it was also temperature sensitive where it would work cold, but 'die' when it would warm up and heat soak. Could also be the TFI, which you could put you 'old' TFI onto the new dizzy to test that theory.
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    This is not a perfect video but it is of my SVO with a new Walbro Fuel Pump. If yours is not similar to this than your pump nds to be replaced. You need to check under boost and accelerating.

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