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    Can I use a "three wire" 02 sensor in my 86 SVO?

    I bought a new 02 sensor from an auto parts store several months ago to replace the old sensor that separated at the wire connection itself (inside the sensor's housing) while pulling out the engine some time back. That store's website indicated it was an 'exact fit' for the SVO but when I recently opened the box to the new sensor, as I'm putting the engine back together, I realized it has "three wires", not one wire like the original. Since I can't return it, I'm wondering if I can just connect to the 'sensor wire' on the new one and just tape off the other two wires (ground and 12v) that are used to warm up the sensor? Thanks

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    My answer would be 'maybe', since the reason for the heater circuit is to help it 'light off' quicker and start sending back an appropriate signal sooner. Since our cars didn't originally have a heated element, it isn't expecting a signal in that shorter time frame. The question comes down to whether or not the O2 sensor will work properly w/o the heater circuit powered. Best bet would be to call the Mfg tech line and see what they have to say. Wish I had a quick answer for you.
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