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    Back to the board after some time away.

    Well since I sold my 86 SVO which I kept longer than any other sports car over ten years, I had an 89 Convert vette that was nothing but problems, got rid of it and bought a 96 Cobra Convertible which I have been very happy with. Great car, but now comes the SVO itch back and I am not sure which direction I want to go. The Cobra is a fun V-8 with plenty of power. I do miss the turbo four and the handling of a go cart.

    Has anyone on here had a Cobra and gave it up for the SVO? I am really curious to hear from owners who have had both at one time or another and what their thoughts are.

    Thanks guys.

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    I gave up a 70 boss 302 for an 84 svo. Sold it and bought a new svo in 84 and still have it. Boss is most likely worth a little more today.
    Kendal Coker

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    I sold my '95 Cobra and 2 rare color SVOs all within a year. Still have 2 SVOs.
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