OK, this really shouldn't be necessary but since some feathers seem to get ruffled and people tend to jump off the deep end, we will go over the OBVIOUS basics....

We make no bones about this...we do NOT want to see cars parted out....the main meat of this is we do not like nor support those who part out SVOs for profit!

With that said....sometimes SVOs are bound to be parts cars and owners will take a parts car and use it to better their own SVO....THAT is acceptable. Sometimes and SVO is damaged beyond repair and becomes a parts car....THAT is also acceptable.

However, we WILL NOT tolerate the parting of a perfectly good driveable SVO in the name of a quick buck....doing so will quickly earn you a special place on the Wall of Shame! Some say "it's my car to do what I want with!" True! But WE do not have to support you OR allow you to post the parts on THIS site....end of discussion!

We were the originators of this "harsh" stance on this issue....We knew some people would have a problem with it...the ONLY people who have a problem with it are the ones GUILTY of this practice! SO good...we are doing something at least to try to preserve the SVO. If people know they can expect a harsh response to parting an SVO for profit, maybe they will not do it and one more enthusiast will have the opportunity to enjoy one of these rare cars. If the SVO community as a whole does not support those who part SVOs for profit then there will be no incentive to part a good car.

This stance takes everyones help to spot this practice....It is obvious that steps should be taken to verify that the person is actually parting a good car for profit but sometimes mistakes are made. My feeling is that I would rather make a mistake than sit back and watch another SVO parted out....I have made the mistake myself and apologized for it to that individual...it is not always clear what is going on. This is EXACTLY why we have a discussion forum where people can discuss this sort of issue and clear things up. If someone mistakenly accuses another of parting a car for profit and is wrong, it is NOT appropriate to jump down their throat with a smart or sarcastic comment...this is an adult forum and the nature of discussion is to talk about and discuss issues to come to the correct conclusion.