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Thread: Another great reunion

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    Another great reunion

    The STL Wrecking Crew just made it home. No casualties on the way back.

    Thanks again, SVOCA (and especially Eric) for putting on another great event. For those that couldn't make it, you really missed out.

    For those playing along at home: 55 SVOs + show + track + Gator's head being shaved + beer = one hell of a good time. Looking forward to next year already!
    John Basler
    '85 1C
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    Who needs sleep

    After 4 dayes of fun and around 10 hours of sleep for the weekend I must say it was the best yet. Got to run my car for the first time in 2 years and turn some bolts with some other svo owners.
    Thanks to Eric and all that put this show together.
    Nice job.
    Time to clean up the engine bay!

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    It was 5 star. Thanks everyone involved!

    A great car and social event!
    -James Price- '84 SVO 9W leather, SVO #124

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    Home Safe-Friends/Fun/SVO's (long READ!!!!)

    Dear Directors/ALL

    Starting to see that we are getting home safe -let's hope for all!
    I am still "rev'd up" (pun intended) about the the great time we had at the reunion.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL! OUR efforts and interest in SVO's along with this IMPORTANT tight knit organization is going to serve us very well in the future and as we age and reminse.

    Bud/Eric-I wish everything for you! (Just wish I didn't have my Comp Prep in the front of the photo) Thanks for putting up with me-and allowing me to offer the "part id game" Most identifed
    3 but only 3 got all 4 parts correct. (I messed up putting a E7ZB
    part in the box-not from a SVO)

    SO TO
    Mike Ray-MAC TOOLS Scca Commemorative SVO pocket knife
    Mike Flemming-1986 "Have you colored a FORD lately" book
    John Huber- All the parts

    I would like to thank my good friend Peter Lawures who joined me and worked very hard-while sick! (He had a great time-loved meeting all of you (and was trying not to be aroud too much with the cold) NOW if I can just get him out of those Merkur's (has 5)
    I'll feel that we will have infected HIM!

    On a personal note, I really enjoyed SEEING or meeting so many friends that I had met/talked to or bought or sold things to over the last 10 years. There is alot going on in the four corners of the USA with SVO's-but until we get together (like this weekend)
    we often don't know who's who or where we want to go!
    I know I want to go to this reunion next year!


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    Dear Members

    I would like to personally thank everyone(espeically my boys kiwi,Derick & Rick) for their concern and for helping me fix my car on Saturday.Not once was I on my own. And to have others sacarifice their time and effort, who also drove a whole lot further then me, really says alot about the comitment that club members have. Even though I missed some of the show and shine I had a really great time and there's no doubt that joining the club is the smartest decision I could have ever made reguarding my SVO. If there's anyway I can return the favor or help anyone dont hesitate to call. I'm looking foward to seeing everyone next year if not sooner
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    Everything minus 1 hub...

    I made it home great with the exception of my left rear hub / wheel cover... Slowed down to exit for gas from an extended run of 80 MPH for about 3 hours to hear a "clanking" noise coming from the left rear tire. Turned into the gas station just in time to see the hub fall off and get run over by several cars. Oh well, the center trim piece was getting pretty faded anyway. Just gives me an excuse to buy new hubs, paint the rims, bumpers, rub out the paint... I am really glad that it didn't fly off at speed and hit someone else's car or worse yet cause an accident. A BIG THANKS to Eric and to everyone else who put the reunion together. Also thanks to everyone who bought parts from my collection. I'm also already looking forward to next year.

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    Always somethin'

    ........Always somethin' happening Ken!! Thank you for the stories there at breakfast/ Can't wait to hear more next year!!........

    You are very welcome Jay......Anytime........We made up for it Saturday nite!!
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    Wink I would like to personally thank everyone(espeically my boys kiwi,Derick & Rick) for

    You the Man! Glad you kept your head and refrained from chunking that Power steering hose into the road (or the baseball field)!

    There really was nothing quite like seeing you accept your hardship award by driving your car up to the front!:p

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    SVO did us well

    Made it home without problems other than shot front brakes, but it was due for them so! A great weekend for Brad and I and thanks to all for great comeradery and especialy Eric for the set-up! It was nice to meet you all and don't worry Gator at least your hair will grow back-mine won't!
    Thanks again Bruce and Brad Richards

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