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Thread: Reunion 2003!

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    Got home safe & sound. Many thanks to the directors for this year's show. I had a blast and it made me realize that I should have been coming to these events when I first got the car. It was nice to finally meet everyone and put some names & faces together. Bud.....I'm not sure how you came up with that avatar.

    Thanks also to everyone that entertained my questions and gave me some new insight about the SVO as well as my car. Thanks for being patient and answering the "dumb" ones too.

    Thanks to Joe P (& fam), Rich, and Rodger for the convoy back....that drive went so much smoother.

    Can't wait for next year!!!!


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    Glad to be able to go to another Reunion!

    The last two years have been a bit far for a weekend getaway...
    My family and I had a great time seeing all of our SVO friends again... Despite the coming down to the last minute reassembling my car, we made it down and back without a hitch... Just need to tweek the tailpipe a bit to get rid of some rattling.

    Sundays show was great, except that I didn't win those tires!
    I got my first trophy... albeit, for getting 2nd place out of 2 cars...
    Got some sun...
    Bought some parts, that my buddy had to haul back to Indy for me... (1 year olds junk takes up lots of room)
    Tempted to buy even more, but resisted...
    Blown away by seeing 2 t-top SVO's...
    Asked too many times where my Camaro keychain in the hand in my scoop was... I'd forgotten about it... You guys have a better memory than me!
    Complimented on my paint job, even though I got a Maaco job for the price of a show job... (getting redone this spring hopefully)
    Sat. night Gator trimmin'.... What else can be said???? buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
    Autocrossing... Wide open course + lots of boost + no traction= lots of dirft'n!!!! YEEHAA!!
    Sunday night... I hear a crash outside my door... Wife looks out, and says a laundry cart just went tumbling by...
    I got to the "drunk tank" too late, and didn't get some of the jokes... Still laughed my A$$ off anyway at the storis being told...
    Yea, Come on...
    Oh yea... Heard about some pornos I might have to check out sometime... (add Ilene to above phrase)
    Had a beer with the drunk & dissorderlies, wenrt back to room, and baby was sleeping.... party time!!!
    Left liesurely monday morning, and took the backroads back to Indy...

    Baby went to bed early... She had as much fun as we did, and wore her little self out...
    Fell asleep on couch... Came down to check up on the comments here...
    Now it's my bedtime...

    I hope to see you all at some of the big shows net summer...
    If not, We'll definately be at next years reunion!
    If it ain't broke... Give me some time!

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    Thumbs up

    For Chris... **YEA-Come On**

    What a weekend! I made a lot of new friends and saw some great new cars. If you think it'll just be the same stuff year after year, you're WRONG! Shout out to all who attended, without y’all, there’s no club. Remember to forward to the board all your ideas and comments for next year.

    The GA, MS, and `Bama contingents met in Chattanooga and caravanned up on Friday. Lessons learned: 1. Don’t mess with a car when there’s 10 more that look just like it within sight! A few Mercedes and Lexa$$ owners learned how to use their ABS brakes! 2. Hangin’ towards the back of the pack is kuel! It requires a higher rate of speed to catch up! 3. “Road Alligators” (chunks of BIG tire tread) DO NOT do good things to the underside of an SVO.

    Friday Night was spent at the local, well kinda, track somewhere in Pennsylvania. I think we crossed a few state lines to get there. It’s always worth it just to see Joe P. cross the ¼ mile doing 120+ AFTER a self-professed poor start.

    Saturday was a ball! Look for the photos soon to come. We took A LOT. I now really regret not picking up some “Gator Hair”. Figurin’ I could have powercoated it and sold it as replacement filler for the 2.3 valve cover Oil Separator! Mark Haas’s “SVO proctology” contest was a great idea! If you think you really know your car, play next year!

    Lasty, I thought I signed up for the Glide Contest but they put me in the autox anyhow. Basically, to me, they’re the same.

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    Another reunion has come and gone

    This year was just like all the rest. ie.1 I got to see lots of great friends that I haven't seen in a year. 2 I made some new friends along the way. 3 I got lots of new ideas as to how to make my car look better and go faster. 4 I got lots of inspiration to make my car look better and go faster. 5 I saw more SVO's in one place than ever before. 6 I laughed my a$$ off at stories told and things seen. 7 I had a GREAT time. Thanks to all the board members for putting this reunion together. I can only imagine the work that goes into it. I can hardly wait till next year when my car will look better and go faster! I'll see ya'll next year.
    Perry Mitchell

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    Thanks to everyone for coming out this year!!! Had a GREAT time!!!!!!!

    I wish I could have done more with my car but having just fired it up for the first time less than 8 hours before leaving with it on the trailer friday Am I still had break in time on the clutch to go. Had I known about the bumper to bumper long ride to the dragstrip ahead of time I could have done my break in there!!! But we stayed back at the hotel to welcome all the late arrivals. Likewise I couldn't make the autocross but we have an open track day coming up at Talladega so I'll test her out there since everything should be set to go by then .

    We had a record in both attendance and the number of SVOs in a single convoy....nothing like having 16 SVOs in a convoy through the mountains of Tennesee and Kentucky!!!

    Shaved Gator!....I don't know what to say about that....just goes to show that you have to expect the unexpected!

    The drive back was just as entertaining as we had a Resident Tennesee Mullet head in a Trans Am trying to toy with the group!

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    Damn man.....another year gone, and Im tryin' to think of where it all went, and how the hell it went so fast.

    Oh well, the point is that even though my vacation wasnt as expected I still made it to the reunion and in good shape ( Minus one tire from the trailor that decided it didnt like its tread pattern. )

    Fri night at the strip rocked ( once we found it,) we seen Huber click off a blistering 9 second pass and I gotta say that I have seen it before, and it NEVER gets old. There is nothing like tripping the 60ft lights with the rear tires.

    The show Saturday was an absolute blast....There were so many F-ing beautiful cars there it was insane. Mr. Hatfields T-top car, Haas's 3000 mile comp-prep, and Bas's Hertz car....absoluetly gorgeous.
    My car grew some more tattoos from the Huber clan, and I learned that 100 spoke 20's on a black and metalic green Mustang.....REALLY is as ugly as it sounds. HA !! is the tricky part, Sat night...if you werent there, you plain and simply missed it. Some of the greatest quotes ever to come out in a gathering of nut-cases were heard ( this is my trailer bitch. ) Some of the greatest sites ( as in the "borrowed" TV ) were seen.....not to mention that I had an air-conditioning unit installed on my head.
    Eric's B-day party was very nice, and he even got a wonderful 3 inch down-pipe and intercooler kit ( WOW !! )
    Afterward, the party moved out-side to the parking-lot where I thought some of my competition would like to take advantage of the free drinks i was passing out ( Foiled again!...I ended up just having a few more anyways ) In anycase, the party some-how ended up infront of JayG's car, where the lovely sounds of Barry White finally put me to sleep.


    Never seen Cojack drift before didja ?

    Well, I have to say that my predictions did come top 4 came through for me....and we even saw the likes of a "Cinderella Story" come out of the woodwork.

    First off I wanna say congrats to Rich, Bud, Ty and guys did one hellova job....BUT, I REALLY wanna say congrats to Don "RunWhatchaBrung" Bishop and Bruce "Yokohama Will Make More" Richards. That was some mean-*** driving there fellas.

    Im serious, Don's passes were consistant as all hell, and just watching him make those Gatorbacks stick told me that this kid could seriously put some hurtin' down to those that werent expecting it...I deserved to play second fiddle to both Bruce and Don that day.

    Special thanks to the local SCCA guys for one fast course, and some great hospitality !!!

    All in all it was a great day, and an even better weekend.

    Thanks to everyone that complimented the pig and voted for her, even though its due for a make-over, its still nice to shoot the bull about the work we have in her.

    It was seriously great to meet some new faces, and it was even better to see the old ones....Now, we just have to make sure that the "new" ones are the old ones next year...

    ........yeah C'mon.

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    On that note, I'd also like to say thank-you to those really nice guys from the SCCA who ran the autocross event for us. Although I only got to run in a borrowed car, (thanks to Rich "Chromosexual" Mora), I was very impressed by their hospitality and organization. This should not go unappreciated, and I'd love to do it again next year! This time in the Project "White trash" SVO. More on that later...
    My wife says it's a sickness...what do you think?

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    What a weekend!

    55 cars!!!! whoohooo!!! yeah, come on!

    The convoy to the event was a car show on it's own. Problem being the lead dog is ... you don't get to see all the cool SVOs in a long line. Unless that is ... you use your rear view mirror and change lanes often

    1 1/2 hrs for brunch to be served at the Crack was a pain, but hey ... in the end, it was free

    Everyone in the convoy makes it to the Host Hotel without a problem. BTW, the Host Hotel is ONLY .3 of a mile from the Interstate. If you see Bud Morton, point him out to me .. cause I'm kicking his ***.

    Friday night. Power steering hoses. Bad TFIs (who knew they cause fireballs). The Drag Strip is NOT 'just down the road'. Tech? What's that? It doesn't matter if I run full throttle all the way or hit the brakes half way down the track ... same ET.

    Drag racin ... still not my idea of 'the most fun you can have in a SVO'. Watching Huber and Gasich rip a few rednecks in Camaros (who are on spray) a new one ... priceless.

    The VW Golf running 12.2s@123mph ... freakin farfengruvin.

    Kiwi making a Firehawk look stupid on the hwy .. heheheheh.

    The show/shine .... the back of my neck gets a sunburn. my feet hurt. the property owner threatens to arrest Mikey for getting on the roof for pictures. some bling-bling redneck cracker in a fugly Mustang attempts to impress us. we give away some VERY cool door prizes. give out awards. pose 55 SVOs for a group shot. YEAH - COME ON!

    Saturday night. I shaved Gators head. Andy takes a razor to it. Gator nearly crapped his pants. Eric gets some of the coolest b-day gifts EVER! Rich and Ninjaboy got jacked! Bunch of people stuck their hands in Mark Haas' hole. Apparently, Chris is Kelley's trailer biotch (who knew?). The Wrecking Crew spent more on their RC cars than most have on their SVOs. JayG is a PIMP and rocks out to Barry White.

    Sunday. The Central Kentucky Region SCCA guys kick-butt!! NO matter how easy a course looks .. it aint. Who knew SVO owners were into Drift Contests. Don Bishop is smooth as budder. Rich Alvino didn't break anything (amazing, but true). Joe P is skeert of it. Ryan Cloud obviously ain't skerrt. James and Todd have new nicknames (Bo & Luke). My rev-limiter worked flawlessly. Eric's nickname is Cooter. Monster Miatas are definitely a plow-pig. Bill Hatfield is who I want to be when I grow up!

    Sunday night. Ty is the one your momma warned you about. Ralph is built like a bumper-car. Ryan and Gator obviously went to the same kindergarden. I can see why Chris is Kelley's trailer biotch.

    Monday .. convoying with half the amount of SVOs is STILL cool.

    12 hr shift on Tues ... longest day of my life.

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    Thanks alot SVOCA

    Friday morning 12:30am leave Providence RI AAA office.
    9:00 am pull over in MD and take 1 hr nap.
    5:15 pm going down ky627 and see 3 SVO's on the way to the 1/4 mi track woohooo getting close now.
    About 5:30 pm pull into Best Western pl beeping horn and waiving my lic plate like anyone knows who I am yet(damn crazy yankee)lol, proceed to check in and get some much needed sleep.
    Saturday... words can't describe how cool it was to see 55 SVO's all in one place. I got some great pics and met some very cool people, and walked away with alot of ideas and knowledge. Thanks to Paul and Chris (wing supports), Bud (SVOCA w/s banner), and Gator (tb i/c).
    Saturday nite.. Eric's b-day celebration, SVOCA yak shaving(Ren and Stimpy would be proud Gator), alot of great stories, good people, throw in some beer and food and have a grand old time.
    Sunday... SCCA track event was awesome. I got 5 rolls of film mostly all SVO's, but I took some pics of the other cars too. Congrats to all the winners and runners.
    Monday morning.. begin long journey home with tons of ideas and great memories.
    Thanks SVOCA moderators and members, I could not have asked for a better way to spend a little vacation time. I can't wait till next year when I can bring my car and have even more fun.
    Thanks alot John
    12/83 9W with quads
    4/86 1E
    Member # 459

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    [i] JayG is a PIMP and rocks out to Barry White.[/B][/QUOTE .

    12 hr shift on Tues ... longest day of my life. [/B]
    BIG PIMPIN'..all the kuel kids are doin' it...right?

    I feel your pain home 12 noon on Sunday...worked( with a hangover) 3p-3a! I slept for two days! LOL

    Next year I might have ta bust out the"O BROTHER, where art thou?" Sound Track..or Barry Manilow..or both!
    Last edited by jayG; 10-16-2003 at 02:16 PM.
    "Team Cobra Kai"

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    Hey all, Been grinnin ear to ear all week. I had a blast all weekend. Thanks to Eric, Bud, Paul, Ty and Mike for putting on a great time. To see 55 SVO's in one place was a dream come true. The drags were sweet! The show was awsome! And the auto-x was off the hook! Nothing better than beatin the crap out of my car. Running with the big dogs was fun too(Rich,Bud,Ty,Ry) I can't wait till next year. Also...thanks for the kind words Gator, your the man!

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    Pano Picture

    Hey Gang,

    If anyone would like to have a larger pano picture of the cars/owners that Eric has on the web site that you can scroll back and forth, send me your email and will get you a copy on the road. The file size is approx 300KB. Email me direct at <>

    Bill Hatfield

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    Good times, good times

    Hey all!

    Just wanted to say I had a good time at the Show and Shine on Saturday. I was there with my Dad's car (86 1C across from Kraig). Next year I'll bring mine down... I'll follow Mark Haas (or he'll get a two-car trailer)! And hopefully I'll try out AutoX (as will Dad)!

    Wish I could have met more folks and remembered more names! But it was great seeing all the cars!

    1986 Black SVO

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    If you guys don't look often, there is a KICK *** pic up on the main page -- done by Bill Hatfield (Sweetwm)
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster

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    Yeah, great pano! I actually still remember some faces...140(stylin'& profilin'..rag & all), Chromasexual, Ben, Gator "My hairrr" Gator, Roger, kiwi and a few more faces! I guess havin' a beer or twelve dosen't affect my memory as bad as I thought..LOL
    "Team Cobra Kai"

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