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    The truck and the load look great!

    Let your buddy know that a shot of his truck with a load of SVO's, with lot's of work, could land him on a magazine cover! ( or atleast a webpage cover)

    Anyway, we'd all be glad to meet you ... that is .... if we could remember your name, screen name, and year / color code of your car! See, I'm learning .... Tim, John, or whatever - Gator G. Gator - Red EVOLUTION I mean PROJECT SVO! Getting pretty good ... huh?!?

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    Yeah, tags w/screen names along with real name below would be way kuel. And maybe with location also if its not too much? My boy SC-SVO (Derek) and myself can help. A friend of mine just opened an embordery shop and I'm gonna get with him about making some SVO or club logos on some regular shirts ( button down or golf style). I'm probably gonna get one w/ my screen name also. I'll get the details soon on the cost, Shouldnt be too bad ..he's got a heavy foot and I've bailed him out a few times...hehehe.
    "Team Cobra Kai"

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    Name tags will be a reality for 04 -- and I will print them up a couple of days before the show.--

    info to include will be screen name, real name, city/state
    and possibly a pic of your avatar (gotta see how much trouble that is)

    As far as banners go, we have one, but it didn't make it to the show -- not sure what happened to it, but we will try to chase it down.
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster

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