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    Tho I'm not a member of SVOCA, I am a long time, officially the 2nd owner, of a low miled, totally stock '86 SVO. The original Phoenix, Az. dealership did not sell it publicly for some years and then to a close friend who had always professed he'd like to own the SVO someday. He then sold it to me when his situation changed and could not carry an extra vehicle.

    Some of my local friends say I'm anal in keeping most of my Mustangs as stock as humanly possible but that's where I feel the value of Mustangs lie besides the fun factor. Three out of my five Mustangs are stock except for a bolt-in 5-speed in the 64.5 HiPo coupe: the SVO and '93 Cobra are as close to stock as they can be.

    My other two Mustangs have, admittedly, crossed the line
    ....maybe as a result of getting older, I guess. The '66 fb is rife with drivetrain/suspension/steering changes tho the exterior
    / interior are unchanged other than shoulder harnesses for driver and passenger. The '82 t-topped GT received a new crate 5.0, 5-speed and soon-to-be 8.8 rearend. The main change which took the longest to happen was the SVO suspension and 4-wheel disc brakes. A local accident totaled an '84 SVO as it was t-boned into a power pole at significant speed bending the whole unibody, floor and roof showing many ripples.

    The stand against dismantling a good SVO for it's parts is commendable and I'm behind this site/membership's spurning this act. There are few enough nice examples of this 3-year, low production #'s Mustang. Keep up the good fight!
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    '64.5 K cp, '66 A fb, '82 GT T-Tops, '86 SVO.

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