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    So when is there gonna be a best beater class?

    You know, for the cars we know that will never win the prize for cleanest, most like new, new/cool, etc.

    Those SVO's not slated for paint for another 10 years or so, but have a level of stealth or ingenuity of build, or creativity of the owner, in some way a very BIG coolness factor.

    To be eligible? Well, a measurable level of body damage or "seasoning" - mixed with a high amount of owner care and intense love for their 'vo. This is a for instance. Bringing the car back from the dead is another. Resurrecting the beast. Using it for what it was intended for 20 years. Things like that.

    I'll use my car for instance, carefully hidden is the front end damage (won't tell it's secret's), the creased rear passenger quarter, the driver's door that doesn't fit so well. Yet it's waxed. Under the hood, all kinds of nice tasteful mods that don't break the bank and keep it all "stealthy". That's worthy.

    Kerry Brown's car has been rolled, and he's brought it back to life. That's cool! There's a bunch of cars like that.

    How 'bout a best beater class? Just for general fun. No award needed. Just a toast.
    -James Price- '84 SVO 9W leather, SVO #124

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    You need to look juuuuuuust a bit closer at mine bro...If ya dont see the dent, grab me a sharpie and i will circle it for ya :p

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    If ya dont see the dent
    Dent? How about dents? My nephew has volunteered to drive the road warrior to the reunion. So if there was a "best beater class", I'm certain I would take 1st place.
    Mike S

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    OK, so you may as well start an SVO WORKING TRUCK class as well. Many of us have one that is too far gone to restore, but it's too reliable to ignore.

    Keep that garage queen in a safe location, but drive the p!ss out of that beater.

    (Note to self: find the local stationery store in Richmond and buy a few Sharpies. This may be better than a barber shop trip.)
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    Thumbs up

    ahhhhhh the beater class....a little bondo here and little rust there, paint fading fast, fuzzies missing...but enough of my slow SVO that was sitting behind a dumpster for 18 months.
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    I have the car for this..

    If we're giving awards for best beater.. I should bring "project bondo" This is an 84' 9W with more rust than the Titanic. Also doubles as a mosquito fogger under boost. I tried to take a picture of her and she shattered my camera lens! Rich, your car was sitting behind the dumpster? My car is the dumpster it was sitting behind!!!
    86' 2R Original Owner "Project Originale"; 86' 2R "Project Bolo" 84' 9W "Project Bondo"; 86 2R "Project Evil" (GONE!); 90' 5.0 LX Vert; 98 Dodge Neon ACR Track Car; 05 SRT-4 ACR! ---"Real tomato ketchup Eddie?"

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    I think I'd come close to pulling off a prize in that catagory too.

    This car is now (or as of tomorrow) on the road in the condition you see in the pics.




    Lets see just how far away I can get from the RAT BAG award before next year.

    On Edit: What the pics don't show are dry rotted spats, a quarter inch hole in the drivers floor pan, bad door hinges - not just the pin bushings, and the rest of the interior looks like the drivers seat. The car has not seen the road in 12 years and had not been runing for 10 years prior to April of 04.

    Now - would you believe it only has 68,000 miles on it.

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    Originally posted by Xaranthu

    Now - would you believe it only has 68,000 miles on it.

    Uh ... no. Present condition of the driver's seat alone would make that hard to believe.

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