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    What a trip Home, Break and fix....

    Could say crap on the this but it was funny in the end.

    Bout to leave home with Todd and James, "140" from KY
    Todd over fills the Gas tank and has a hole in the little line to the carbon filter and gas spills on the ground.

    Found and fixed,

    Todd Still smokes some on the I 75 and gets worst as we go, loose dip stick.

    Found and fixed,

    Bout 15 miles up the road James gets brave and opens up, has a pop and coast to the next off ramp. Intercooler hose comes off from the TB easy fix.

    Now my turn, bout 160 miles out driveing about 82 mph we feel brave and get cut off by a car, we blast by and hit 100+ for a few miles. I call James on the talkie and say I got a sputter at high rpm for a few and we back down, Well in the next few miles It gets bad. I am knocking the valve cover off with something inside.
    I lost a lifter and ate up a rocker and cam.
    James jumps on the phone and gets a autozone that just has closed, runs to pick up a lifter and rocker and ,,,
    Todd car gets stuck in gear on the onramp back. Todd gets it fixed quick.
    Hour later James and Todd are back with parts, we slam the hood and drive at 60 mph to the Ringgold shop on the hill.
    James pulls out a brand new cam we put it in less than a hour.
    Should see all the stuff he has, just makes me sick.
    Well I get home about 2:00 am.
    I think it was the best weekend ever.
    Thanks again Todd and James!
    Time to clean up the engine bay!

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    fix 'em where they set

    Glad to hear you got home ok. I still say we need a rolling machine shop. Or like you said, just carry a spare engine and cherry picker on a trailer everywhere we go.
    '84 2A, '86 9L
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    Should see all the stuff he has
    What stuff? I guarantee it's never the right stuff when you need something! That's why it's still on shelves.

    Other than the wuus fact I couldn't sleep w/o my wife and chillin's present and was doing major redeye - I had a non-stop blast!
    -James Price- '84 SVO 9W leather, SVO #124

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    Dayum....Nice work there !! Whats with 2.3T's and changing cams on road-trips !??!

    At any-rate I'm just glad you guys made it home safely !

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    Dayum Gator.....yaw'll starting to talk like a southern yankee.

    Sure glad to see that everyone arrived back safe and sound (with only a few broken parts plus a blown tire or two)...guess Pat is the only hold-out but hope he is still going strong....have a safe journey, Pat.

    Great seeing and visiting all the old gang again; meeting and making some new friends. The SVO family never ceases to amaze me and I have been around awhile.

    Bill Hatfield

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