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    Thanks to Weber and Ted !!!!

    Just wanted to post up that is due to my door prize from Weber Grills ( the grill, not Chris Weber ) that my belly is full.

    Fired that little puppy up tonight and stuffed my face with a couple burgers !!! Nothing like a mid-night cook-out !!

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    mmmmm... burgers!

    Yeah Ted, thanks.. Dana's grill is in my shop right now.. I sure hope he forgets about it.

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    Yea Ted Thanks Broke in mine cooked up some steaks the other night mmm... good nothing like cookin with wood and fire.
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    Sorry Paul, I have not forgotten about the grill!
    If you really want it though, I'm sure we could work out a deal. I don't have anything invested in that grill so I could be convinced to let it go for a very low price!

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