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Thread: How do I post pics??

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    How do I post pics??

    The first thing with posting pics is finding the 'button' to do it.

    that part is pretty easy, scroll down (you can't post pics from the quick reply window, you will have to hit the go-advanced button)

    Just below the submit reply button, there is a manage atachments button, click that, and you will see this

    look at the image above, and find the browse buttons. click browse, find your images, and click the upload. you can upload 2 images at a time, and you can upload up to 5 images per post. (click the manage attachments button again to upload more than 2)

    NOW -- you have a pic, and you try to post it, but it won't go
    well to keep bandwidth in check, we have a size limit on images. That limit is 2K, which can be a pretty large pic. With all the new digital cameras out, a image can be as large 2 megs, but the level of detail in the pic is overkill for what we need 99% of the time.

    so here is the solution. Find a program that can resize, and crop pictures. -- The one I recomend is irfanview, and it's a free download
    HERE. Just click the download button, and choose a link.

    Once you have it downloaded -- it is pretty simple to use.

    Once you have the pic, the first thing you want to do to it is crop it. What that means is -- you have a pic that has lots of stuff in it, that doesn't relate to what you are trying to show -- so you cut the extra stuff out. -- and here is how.

    If I had this pic,

    and I wanted to show that the computer connector had nothing on it, there is no reason for me to post the entire pic, so here is what I would post

    how did I do that -- well simple --

    In Irfanview -- open the pic, use your cursor to draw a box around the part you actually want in the pic, then hit edit, and crop -- it's that simple
    here is an example

    ** hint - when you open your pic in irfanview, if you can't see the part of the pic you want, hit the button, to reduce size of the image you see on the screen -- (it does not reduce the image your are going to post)

    NOW -- once you have cropped the pic, (or sometimes, you don't need to crop the pic) there is a chance that your pic is still too big to fit -- that one is easy. even easier than the crop.

    Open you pic in Irfanview, and click image-resize --this window will pop up.

    change the larger number somewhere between 600 - 1000, the other number will change automatically --

    You can change the numbers individually if you uncheck the preserve aspect box, but I highly recomend you do not do this. -- it makes for some funky looking pics

    Once you have the pic the size you need, click file - save as . I recomend that you DO NOT OVERWRITE your original pic -- that is the one with the most detail, and the one you should keep. -- so save it to your desktop, or somewhere easy to get to.

    Inside the save as menu, make sure your file type is set to jpg, as shown below.

    You can also use the above save as feature to change a pic from a BMP, TIFF, or other larger format pic to a JPG. JPG's are compressed images, and work best for websites.

    NOW hit that browse button on the forum, and post away!! -- after you post, you can delete the pic you created, if you don't need it anymore.
    Eric C
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    posting pics.. continued...
    OK, I've been told that a few of you didn't know we can upload 10 pics per post.
    It's simple to do, once you upload the first 5, the upload window doesn't close. Just select 5 (or less) more photo's, and upload them as well.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	upload_window.jpg 
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ID:	32838

    Next up, Attaching pics in your text, like the pic above, Instead of showing your pics at the bottom of the post.
    After you have uploaded your pics to the forum, go to where you want the post to show up in the text... click the attach button, that looks like this Click image for larger version. 

Name:	clip.jpg 
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Size:	411 Bytes 
ID:	32839 , from there you will see a list of the pics attached. it will insert some text in your post that looks like this
    PHP Code:
    , but that's ok, that's where your pic will show-up.
    Eric C
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