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    Thanks to JayG and Kiwi

    I want extend a special thanks to JayG for giving me the privilege of riding shotgun in his steed for a pass during the Auto-X. Bro, you are indeed a good man.

    Next goes to Kiwi for his persistent prodding for me to take his car out on the apexes. I had to refuse, with no disrespect intended. I know in my heart that I would have tried to thrash the curves, and may have hurt his (actually, his sweeties car) baby. I do fully appreciate his extension of friendship in your offer. Kiwi, I will NEVER forget it. And last, but not least Happy 40th you. You must have went out for a good party, because I couldn't find you after the Auto-X.

    I actually had some parting gifts for the 2 of you, but I missed you guys at the hotel.

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    I beat on the 9L on the AutoX(barely running a month ago)...dynoed it & still made it back 30 min ago....Thank You & I would extend the offer agian....

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    You are quite welcome Bro! Besides i should be thankin' you, I ran my best time with you ridin' with me! Im sure gonna miss ya next year.
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