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    Gator G Gator named Director

    For all those that did not attend the Reunion this year.

    With the expanding workload on the club, the Board of directors have asked Gator to become a Director.

    Look for his profile to be posted on the site soon. -- I'm not sure how much of it we can post, considering this is a family site

    We are happy to have another Director that we know will put as much effort into the club, as he does for everything else he does!

    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster

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    Does this mean we can send in booze to cover membership dues?
    The BATFE should be a convenience store.

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    Gator G Gator

    Congratulations, Bro. You do know that its a standing tradition for a new director to furnished the Beer and Pizza at the next scheduled reunion.


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    well...not sure what to say about all this except that I hope I can do the club proud....

    Now dont forget, as in true political form....I CANNOT be bought, NOR will I sell anyone out...unless its for big money.

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    Gator G Gator

    Nice... Director Gator

    Sure didn't look like he new which direction he was going Sunday
    Then SVOERIC went both ways across the finish line.
    And Gator G Gator knew what direction to go
    Made the fast 4

    I look forward to the new direction Gator will take the club

    Just kiddin Bro Congrats we are all behind ya

    Thank's again for all the great help and info through out the weekend
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    Rob Wagner SVOCA #66
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    I think we are all behind you ......

    except Mr Hadden and Mr Alvino

    they so far are ahead of you

    85 4e

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    Only in America, can an individual go from being the "club clown" to being one of the elite! Director Gator

    You know we love ya, in the right kind of way, but I hope this doesn't change the things you used to do! Like the grocery cart races, the drunken eyes, facial expressions, staggering walking, and hilarious clothing that you have done in the past.

    Congratulations Gator we are all behind you all the way, except when it comes to racing and autocrossing!

    If there is advise or consulation you need, just call Sweetwilliam or myself, consider us your senior advisors!

    We would love to try to be a positive influence!

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    Oh $h17, there goes the neighborhood!

    j/k, congrats!
    86 SVO 1C

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    Oh no... I saw the deal with the crown, but wasn't paying enough attention to tell what was going on...
    Who voted this bozo to the board anyway???
    I don't remember recieving a ballot.

    Just kidding Gator...

    Edit.. Just realized you changed your avatar... Wouldv'e been funnier if Bozo was still there.
    If it ain't broke... Give me some time!

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    Originally posted by indiana dave

    Who voted this bozo to the board anyway???
    So since when has this place been a democracy? How do know they just didn't settle for the lowest bid?

    Seriously, congratulations Gator G. Ghiapet!

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