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    Another SVOCA Reunion has come and gone

    Thanks to all for another great reunion. To all of you that couldn't attend because of circumstances that didn't allow it, you missed a great time and we missed seeing you. To you that didn't attend because you didn't think it was worth the trip,..............SHAME ON YOU! The reunions just keep getting better and better!

    Thanks again to all the board members for all the hard work you guys do all year long to put the reunions together, making them the most memorable events of all times.

    Thanks to the sponsors for your contributions that help make this event possible.

    Thanks to those of you who voted for my car again this year awarding me another plaque. I am overwhelmed! BTW everyone that was there is a winner!

    As I said last year, thanks to all of the members of the SVOCA. Ya'll are the greatest group I have ever been associated with in my life. You make this club what it is and I feel honored to be a part of it. May God bless each of you.

    Thanks Gator for helping me convince Peggy that I really need a new shop to work on my SVO's. We talked about it on the trip home, and as near as I can figure, it's only going to cost about $250,000 to get one built (you know what I mean!) Oh yeah, congratulations again on being named as the newest member of the BOD.

    This was another fantastic reunion, and I can't say enough about it. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year! God bless you all and I"ll see you in 2006
    Perry Mitchell

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    High Roller's words....

    DITTO !

    quoted from HR's info: "I'd rather walk barefoot down five miles of gravel road littered with broken glass carrying the dipstick from an SVO than to own a half dozen 5.0's"

    DANG..... if i could somehow shorten that and put in on my license plate.......... it would be there......

    or at least on the license plate frame........

    that is DAYUM good !

    i was one of the "DANGIT why I aint there this year ?" peeps, I never plan on misssing another reunion....

    Air Force Reserve duty called this past weekend.... don't think i wanna tick off uncle sam........
    86 2R: 14/NOV/1985 #7606 deSkittled in SEP 2003

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    I can't agree more every year it gets better. SVOCA is the best Car club I have been in.
    Everyone will jump in and help one another out. and everyone has a great time together.
    I have to thank every one for showing up.
    thanks for the kind votes for my car it had a rough weekend since it was scattered all over my garage till Sat morn.
    I found parts that I needed and sold some spares to folks that needed them. What could be better?
    I also would like to welcome all the new members, Lots of new faces
    Rob Wagner SVOCA #66
    86 2A comp prep, 2011 F250

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    "carrying the dipstick from an SVO "
    Just remined me of walking up to two guys comparing dipsticks at the show and shine... To change the quote from spaceballs slightly, I said "I see your dipstick is as big as mine.."
    It was pretty funny.
    I'll leave it at that.
    Edit, Oh yea... I did havefun also, even without the SVO... for the 2nd year...
    I cam home to a lost job though... now I know what Richard feels like. Got blindsided to say the least!
    If it ain't broke... Give me some time!

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    to svo rob

    If you need any help with your sds i can probably help im the one that told you i had the sds on my car ive messed with mine quite a bit.

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    Sounds Like I Missed Another Good One

    Sounds like fun for all once again that I missed. I unfortunately lost my job five weeks before the reunion and couldn't afford to be there. I was so looking forward to the reunion, but that is the luck of the draw. By the way Perry, I am suprised that you haven't said anything about your competition(ha ha). I am going to start a trust fund for next year, so if any more bad luck arises, I will be set. Can't believe Gator named a director, what is the Club coming to. Just a joke of course, good job Gator, gotta have diversity. Looking forward to next year and another great time, congrats to all the winners.
    Mike Pate

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