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Thread: The Bug-eye Award

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    Talking The Bug-eye Award

    Well it is officially over and everyone is home.

    I hope that everyone had a great time! We all have to thank Eric for his work on the Reunion because he put it all together.

    I have yet to see the top ten quotes for the Reunion yet, I guess that Gator is still basking in win over the South.

    I would like to propose a new award for the Reunion though, the Bug Eye Award.

    My finalist would have to be something like this:

    Number 3:

    Kiwi, he went bug eyed when Ruby asked him if he was MAN enough to race against a girl.

    Number 2:

    Rich Alvino, he went bug eyed when Chris Hadden put a 32.42 on the board. Three tenths ahead of everyone.

    Number 1:

    Perry Mitchell:

    You would have to ask Gator about this one but I would say Perry went bug eyed when he was asked about shaving a certant part of his body that normally is not shaved


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    I nominate Jenny Schmidt after riding with Chris Hadden when he looped it. She had ridden with her dad in their stock SVO. I hooked her up with Chris to let her see the difference. Maybe he got too show-offy?
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