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1985 - Dark Sage - Hertz Rent-a-car - SVO

This Car was originally owned by Bud Morton, then sold to John-Basler, then to Roger Kleiber.
Roger has since sold the car, but we're not sure to whom.

The following are some pictures (before, after, and in between) of the restoration of my 1985 SVO.


I'll start with a little background history on the car. I found it on the internet in the auction area of the website. Is that an awesome website or what? The car was located just outside Atlanta, Ga. I drove down, looked at this sad heap, drove it up the block once, and drove it home (yes - drove - 225 miles) with a huge smile on my face. The car had been used for it's first 2 years as a Hertz Rent-a-car. Bought through Hertz-Used car sales by the second owner in Texas in Jan. 1987 and somehow - made to the guy who I bought it from. I drove the car around for 2 days before parking it in my shop and beginning the process of bringing it back to former glory that would take 15 months to complete.
The pics will show - before and on the pic to see an enlargment.



Hoped you enjoyed seeing what 15 months, blood, sweat, every penny saved, and a few cuss words can produce if your set you mind to it.


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