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VIN 1FABP28T0EF112046
Year 1984
Mileage 0
Owner yngbigdog (ebay)
Entry Date 2005-03-16
Color 2A-Canyon Red
Interior Leather Seats
Sunroof No Sunroof
Spoiler Has Biwing
Comp-Prep Not Comp-Prep
Status Not Running
Location Canton, OH
Country USA
Last Entry 2009-08-17
Total Entries 4


Car listed on ebay by yngbigdog, toomuchfunck won this auction previously but it must not have worked out. So it relisted. 250 was the initial bid and there were no bidders. Here is the listing: You are bidding on a 1984 svo mustang seems to be in fair condition. Has black mesh 16in wheels in fair condition also but the tires are junk. The car last had a carbed 302 in it. i have the original motor w/ wiring harness & processor. The motor was rebuilt shortly before swapped. original T5 available for an additional $350 car has original grey leather interior, rear seat is in great condition, fronts need recovered, also have some black interior that comes with it. Dont ask there is no rear wing. And there is NO reserve. Q: does the harness for the turbo 4 come with it and is it complete or is it butchered answered on: Feb-22-05
A: yes the harness comes with it along with turbo 4 computer.and no it is not cut or butchered.thanks for looking

Q: Since this was the svo model and you said you have the orginal motor does that include the turbo or is it just the 4 banger? answered on: Feb-20-05
A: it is origional svo motor with turbo intercooler wiring harness,computer basically all you need is bellhousing and trany.thanks Rob

Q: how is the underbody is there any rust holes? Does it have the koni struts and shocks? Is it still a 5 lug car? answered on: Feb-19-05
A: The under body is great and dont know if koni but front struts are orange and back shocks are black.It is five lug with all original suspension including...

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