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VIN 1FABP28T4GF229745
Year 1986
Mileage 120000
Owner jfudge (ebay)
Entry Date 2003-07-03
Color 1E-Silver Metalic
Interior Leather Seats
Sunroof No Sunroof
Spoiler Has Biwing
Comp-Prep Not Comp-Prep
Status Running SVO
Location Tallahassee, FL
Country USA
Last Entry 2003-07-03
Total Entries 1


Car listed on ebay by jfudge, reliatic was the high bidder at 1925.00 and there was no reserve. An 86 1E, thats what I want!!! Someday.... someday.... Here is an excerp:
I am selling a 1986 Mustang SVO, turbocharged and intercooled 2.3L. I obtained this car in 1993 and it has 120,000 miles. This car was in a fender bender almost three years ago. The left front fender was replaced. At that time I also had the whole car repainted. However, the shop did not paint the door jams nor any of the black trim. The pictures speak for themselves. The engine has an ETS underdrive pulley, custom air intake feeding an ETS T3/T4 hybrid turbo which feeds into a Thunderbird intercooler ( I will include the stock intercooler). The turbo has a Boda turbo cooler that injects oil at startup and shut down. It has a 3" ETS downpipe into dual MAC aluminized mufflers (no CAT). Polyurethane bushings. High amp alternator from a 95 Mustang GT (this required splicing into the factory wiring harness, but the factory harness is still intact so that you could hook up the original alternator even though the high amp alternator is working and is charging that amp light stays dimly lit). It also has air horns subframe connectors and a VDO vacuum boost gauge. It does not have a radio, but the front speakers are blaupunkt. The fuel pump is louder than normal, but the mechanic said he has heard them that loud before, sometimes they run forever, sometimes they quit the next day. It is also time to replace the timing belt, but that is easy to do. I will include the manuals and car cover.

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