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VIN 1FABP28T2GF242266
Year 1986
Mileage 0
Owner Unknown
Entry Date 2019-10-14
Color 1C-Black
Interior Unknown Seats
Sunroof Unknown Roof
Spoiler Unknown Spoiler
Comp-Prep Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Tuscon, AZ
Country USA
Last Entry 2019-10-15
Total Entries 3


Ryan Kaparoff‎ posted on Facebook October 10, 2019: This is a long shot but need to start somewhere. I am looking for my old 86' SVO I sold it in Tucson Az to a couple that lived in Sierra Vista back near 2006. It was Black with Grey interior, very original at the time. I am working on getting the VIN number if I can. I will update this post if I get it. VIN# 1FABP28T2GF242266. This vehicle was my father’s, then my brother bought it, then I bought it and sold it. My father passed away and I want it back to go with my Saleen.

So the whereabouts of the car is unknown and this owner would love to have the car back.
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