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VIN 1FABP28T5GF211643
Year 1986
Mileage 63000
Owner dolfan2388 (EBay)
Entry Date 2010-07-13
Color 1C-Black
Interior Cloth Seats
Sunroof No Sunroof
Spoiler Has Biwing
Comp-Prep Not Comp-Prep
Status Running SVO
Location Wellington, FL
Country USA
Last Entry 2010-07-13
Total Entries 3


E-Bay auction ending 7/15/10. Seller's description: You are bidding on a 1986 Ford Mustang SVO 2.3 turbo car in good condition. Very rare. Motor built by John Huber of Huber Performance Shop.

Motor Specs: New 75mm BBK throttlebody, new 42lbs injectors, new 3in piping to front mount intercooler, new Greddy blowoff valve, new 38mm Tial wastegate, new performance header, Master Power Turbo T-70 A/R 70 (good for 800 horsepower), new turbo oil lines, new alternator and starter, new battery relocation kit (battery set up in trunk), new battery, Transmission rebuilt by Promotion Motor Sports, new stage 3 clutch rated at 800 horsepower, new Griffin radiator, ported and polished head, custom cam, custum intake manifold, forged performance pistons and rods. Motor is rated for 800 horsepower, over $11,000 put into motor. Brand new Moates Quarter Horse computer.

* all car needs is the new computer to be tuned and you are ready to go, as of right now it is running rich.

some bads: small rip on seat, no A/C, no radio, no rust except a little bit under the driver door nothing serious, and its missing the top piece of the dash ( but I will send you the top piece of dash as soon as I receive payment).

If you have any questions, concerns, or want me to send you more pictures of the car please email me and I will answer promptly. Vehicle History: Car was originally shipped to somewhere in Texas. From 09/05/1997 until 01/19/1999 the car was located in Memphis, TN. From 08/15/2001 until 08/29/2001 the car was in Plano, TX. From 08/01/2002 until 12/28/2004 the car was in El Paso, TX. Mileage on 09/07/2002 the mileage was reported as 72,120. On 01/03/2004 the mileage was reported as 84,972. On 12/27/2004 the mileage was reported as 88,092. From 08/03/2005 until an unknown date the car was registered in Hialeah, FL. On 12/12/2008 until at least 05/08/2009 the car was registered in Hollywood, FL.
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