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SVOCA Founding Five

The Founding Five are the guys who decided after many months/years/days of discussing the idea... to form a SVO Enthusiast club to support people out there who share something in common...the Mustang SVO. The Founding Five formed a Board of Directors and ran the club, overseeing the day to day activities. They listend to our members, discused all club matters between themselves and replied promptly to all issues.
The Current Board of Directors hopes to continue that legacy, and service to the SVO Community.
If you have any comments/ideas, please email us...any mail sent to is forwarded to all Board Members.

Here's a list of the original Five, their member number and the SVOs they own/owned.

Lee Clary- Member # 0001

Mike Ray- Member # 0002

Bud Morton- Member # 0003

Paul Becker- Member # 0004

Gary Alsobrooks- Member # 0005

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