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  1. Boost level at 10psi in Premium Mode
  2. Gray Trim Paint Code - Door Handle etc color
  3. Paint/Interior Codes
  4. How do I set TPS and Base idle
  5. Bi- wing supports from SVOCA
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  7. how to make an avatar?
  8. What to expect when visiting this forum.....
  9. SVO FACTS-- many many SVO specs
  10. History 999 report from FOMOCO...
  11. Suspension FAQ.. How do I make MY SVO handle ?
  12. What is the difference between Koni Special (red) and Koni Sport (yellow)?
  13. What are the best springs to match with my KONIs?
  14. Foglamp bulb
  15. My PM inbox says it is empty, but I can't get new messages
  16. Bypass Valve Diagram
  17. Our stance on the parting of SVOs
  18. Why do people bash the SVOCA?
  19. Why are the prices no longer listed on the members deals pages
  20. comp prep cars
  21. Video on how to create a new thread
  22. How do I post pics??
  23. SVOs in Literature and Media
  24. RULES, including Vendor rules.
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  28. How to pull codes and code list
  29. How many Shadow Blue cars?
  30. vacuum hose
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  36. LA3 swap
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  38. How many?
  39. membership
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  41. Trying to figure out my build date
  42. Anyone know when someone might reproduce the 1985.5, 1986 headlights?
  43. SVOCOA Database
  44. Acronyms
  45. Svo that's behind on maintenance
  46. Free Email Address update
  47. Rock Auto discount number
  48. Intake sensor Locations
  49. Battery question
  50. 1986 svo parts