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ARE YOU PARTING A SVO? Read this warning.

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  • ARE YOU PARTING A SVO? Read this warning.

    This club was founded by 5 individuals who wanted a community for the Mustang SVO Owner/Enthusiast that had integrity. Our primary mission statement says "we are dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Mustang SVO". It's on the very first page you see when you enter the website.

    This club and this club's website will NOT be a tool for vultures and profiteers to exploit. If you think you are doing the SVO Community a service by PARTING OUT a running, driving, restorable SVOs - that is a bunch of BS! For every SVO parted, that's one less possible car to be enjoyed by a future owner. For every SVO parted, that's one less customer for the legitimate business owners who are investing time/capital in getting us reproduction parts manufactured.

    We are not here to conduct witch-hunts. None of the Directors have the personal time to investigate what we believe is someone parting a perfectly good SVO for profit. BUT, and read this carefully all you car parting bastards: If we catch you on this website - using it for your personal gain by parting a SVO that is running, driving, or restorable - YOUR NAME will be posted on this wall of shame, you will be banned from this club and use of it's website, and we will ask every member, svo owner, and enthusiast we know to treat you like you have been infected with the plague.

    Current WALL OF SHAME
    Board of Directors,
    SVO Club of America

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    NOW THAT WAS WELL SAID............
    Am I the only one who felt sorry for that silver SVO? I wanted to hug it, take it home, give it a bath and feed it a good meal of Mobile 1.

    Wimper Wimper.............Sniffle Sniffle............
    A man stands tallest when he stoops to help a child.


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      That makes me angry as sin...

      That thing looks nicer than my car...period.

      ya thought you were slick and would try and fly in under the radar eh....?

      Well Mister Kane, welcome.

      Hope ya like yer room-mates

      "Fisty" Tim
      "Butcher" Steve

      and.........."Slick" LaKose

      Now Goodbye.

      " Motorsport really has no need for a group like ours, but we will endeavor to serve regardless." - PRDA


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        I have done business with the "Tim" and have not had any problems. Ohters have voiced complaints about him. I would run into him regularly in person. I do know he is making a living out of selling SVO parts. This natuallly evolves into parting out cars. I respect and support this site for taking a stand on the parting issue.

        Fortunately Tim has been a good source for NOS parts before any else could be bothered with it. I also purchased a pair of NCT tires and wheels from a wrecked car from Tim. At that time, parting was limited to wrecks. I guess things change.
        84 SVO 1 owner, 02 S.Crew, 69 Mustang, 85 McLaren


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          The only parts that he sells that he actually owns are from parted cars. The NOS stuff isn't his...he brokers for David Bird of American Mustang (maybe it's American Muscle) from New Hampshire.

          Tim is known liar...and a VERY often suspected thief. But, we haven't had a run in with him since 1998 once this club formed. He got the picture earlier that year ... and keeps his distance.


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            Wow..I was thinking my sarcastic comment on his(2muchfunck) last post would get me banned from this site, but I must say I applaud you for your efforts. That silver one looks very restorable to say the least. It's like I tell people since I first became a cop.....just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. I am now helping a buddy get one that is not running but is in good shape so it won't get parted out. I hope everyone else will try their best to keep the SVO alive.


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              I 100% agree!


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                Just from frequenting other sites(on accident), I have seen that there is a lot of parts for sale by him, and none are cheap. Unfortunately, I think that car has met it's maker. Not sure if it's the same one.

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                1984 SVO
                1955 F100 Blown 5.0


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                  Originally posted by FoxFleet
                  Just from frequenting other sites(on accident), I have seen that there is a lot of parts for sale by him, and none are cheap. Unfortunately, I think that car has met it's maker. Not sure if it's the same one.

                  That sure does look like the same car. That is flat out f'ing sad. That was definitely a viable car. I'm sickened by this. Can't we hunt him down and kick his ***?
                  On the hunt for a super clean 85.5/86 SVO....


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                    i can't believe this prick is sending e-mail to people that want to kick his ***!!!! here the one i got and the responce i sent. what a ****stick!!!

                    Hi you bought my passenger sided engine mount off me a wile back on
                    e-bay and you asked me if I had the driver side mount. and I do have
                    the mount now if you are still interested.

                    Kane LaKose
                    e-bay name 2muchfunck

                    I would love to buy this part from you, but i won't! After seeing the silver svo you are parting out, why the hell am i going to support a person who is ****ing up our hobby and these cars? I guess it's hard to make good money on svo's, without parting them out. Well, after buying another svo, atleast it's another one that won't be parted out by your greedy fingers. Also, the last part i bought, i didn't get a responce on the part i needed until i got the mount. Great service?

                    ...hope the car falls on your ***,...


           you have a V8......isn't that cute....


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                      What is even more amazing is the Merkur sitting next to the SVO in the one pic on Ebay. Apparently we aren't the only market he is working on. Granted the Merkurs aren't as rare, but it still isn't as pletiful as an Escort. I wonder if anyone on the Merkur side of life is familiar with this character?

                      I agree with everyone else so far, folks like him should be watched closely and forced into retirement or other venues that have nothing to do with SVO's. Although bamboo shoots under the finger/toe nails sounds like a nice alternative, but I digress.
                      86 SVO Mustang
                      17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4


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                        Get over it

                        I personally have totaled two 85 SVO Original owner California Cars and I parted them out just to get my money back. If he wants to sell SVO parts than so be it. Don't buy them and then he will not make the profits you speak of. Where else are you going to get parts for such a small production car when all the NOS stuff is in the hands of those that are trying to make a buck. This is called capitalism. Get over it.


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                          Obviously Racer u have half-@$$ read the previous posts in this thread.
                          The people on this board realize exactly what it is u are referring to about parted cars being a much needed venue of replacement parts. I dont think u would find one among us who would condemn someone for parting a totally fubared svo.
                          However, what we do not like/want/need is some butt-munch parting a car which could be saved.
                          If the opinions expressed here bother u so badly, u should go elsewhere.
                          Duhhh!!!! Why dont ya put a 5.0 in that car George???


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                            Re: Get over it

                            Originally posted by racer9
                            I personally have totaled two 85 SVO Original owner California Cars and I parted them out just to get my money back.
                            You sound like a real winner already. Maybe you should have properly INSURED the car in the fist place ..or maybe you should think about something like a Yugo in the future (that'll keep you off the canyon walls/guard rails).

                            Weren't you the one looking for a nice driver in N. California? Too bad the 2muchfunck parted that car then - it WAS a nice driver - NOT a wrecked to totaled car.

                            Are you getting the message now?


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                              Awww man.... that silver one was a nice car, WTF????

                              You don't part out something like that.

                              Ok.. I'm looking at all these now... WHAT is going on upstairs with the owner of the 86 Canyon [or is it Jalepeno] Red one???????????????????
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                              1984 Mustang SVO 1.57, 11.81 @ 115