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  • Crazy DTC's

    I bought an Innova 3145 to read codes on my 86 for first time. KOEO just gives 11 all the time. KOER gives different codes every time, some not even possible, often even says 5,6, 7, or 8 cylinders! It's a newly-tuned, well-running 26k mi car, but with all old original wiring and electronics.
    I guess redoing all the wiring is a looming project, but could it be a bad EEC-IV computer, and would it be easier and cheap enough to swap that to find out?

    Thanks, Alan

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    Thinking I'll start with checking and cleaning wiring, then maybe looking inside computer for bad capacitors. (after the weather gets decent)
    Looks like finding a good PE computer is harder than it used to be?