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3rd brake light trim

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  • 3rd brake light trim

    Does anyone have the trim for the 3rd brake light you're willing to sell? I think Ford used the same formula as the 86 chaps. This is the second one on my car that is literally falling apart.
    Perry Mitchell

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    it's hard to find. I replaced mine about 6 years ago, with used, it cracked again within a year.
    Eric C
    SVOCA Webmaster


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      I might have one but need to check tomorrow.


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        someone needs to 3D print them
        Barry D. Rasmussen
        SVOCA Member #192
        '86 SVO 1E


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          Hmmm, rumor has it my Engineering group at work is getting a 3D printer soon (don't know the exact timeline). Of course, not sure if my counterparts were able to swing a 3D scanner along with the printer, so need to check that. If not, I should be able to model one up in Solidworks...if I could get my hands on one. May be a good project.
          86 SVO Mustang
          17 Cooper S Clubman ALL4


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            Bad day today and didn't get to it.


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              I have an original lower spoiler with brake light and wiring. Plastic trim is not broken and look good.
              How would this be removed since it is glued in place?
              If still interested I am willing to sell.


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                Originally posted by aboss4tg View Post
                How would this be removed since it is glued in place?
                Get some MEK / Methyl Ethyl Ketone and do a test on an area away from the brake light trim on the underside. Since the spoiler is made from a Polycarbonate it shouldn't melt the plastic. It's been a long time since I worked with plastics so be sure to test first.

                If it doesn't melt it use a rag soaked it the MEK and squeeze it out letting it flow into the seam around the trim ring. It should dissolve the adhesive. Wear gloves and don't breath too deeply, unless you want to get stoned from the fumes... HAHA

                Obviously if it does melt / soften the plastic don't do it.


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                  Good information and will check in to the MEK.