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  • 2.3 engine

    So, looks like I blew up my engine. I am looking for a complete engine, long block, short block, or bare block. Let me know what you've got and a price. Id really like something in Oregon or semi close. I may be able to trade some SVO parts or would be good with cash. Thank you.

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    Not that I support or condone what he does, but Castro has one listed on eBay and he is on your side of the country...

    MUSTANG SVO 2.3L 4CYL ENGINE w/wiring harness,computer 1985 79k FOXBODY SALEEN | eBay


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      I appreciate the heads up. I'll see if anyone else has one before I visit the destroyer of SVOs.
      ​​​​​I honestly may only need a block, and until I pull it and take to a machine shop, I may be able to salvage mine, but I'm open to other options.


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        My buddy has several blocks but we are in IL.
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          Just scored a complete engine and trans for $950 locally. Supposedly has 40k on it. Thanks for everyone's help, it should be back on the road next spring.