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2 sets of SVO wheels and OEM lug nuts for sale

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  • 2 sets of SVO wheels and OEM lug nuts for sale

    I just joined the forums to sell a couple sets of SVO wheels and OEM lug nuts. I used to autocross a 1986' SVO in SCCA SOLO II G Stock. I sold the car years ago. Recently went to clean out my storage unit, finding a couple sets of wheels and lugs from my autocrossing days. Note that the tires are very old and hard, although they have good tread on them. The first is a set of OEM stock wheels with original center caps and Yokohame R compound tires that were my rain tire set. All the wheels are straight (see pics). Have 1 loose spare wheel with center cap in case I ever damaged one. Asking $200 for the set (would consider the tires throw away).

    Had a very hard time finding a lightweight set of wheels that were stock class legal that could fit due to the high offset of wheels on this car and the hub size. A friend of mine who owned a wheel shop found this set wheels with the right bolt pattern under 18 lbs/wheel and had the centers bored to clear the Mustang hubs. These wheels have about 5mm less offset than the stock wheels, so get a little more track than the stock wheels and still meets the .25" offset rule per SCCA. Hence no center caps, but they are very light compared to the OEM bricks. A couple of wheels do have some scratches and scuffs (see pics), but they are perfectly straight. They have old Kumho Victoracer tires for the dry. Asking $200 for this set to.

    I got an extra set of OEM extended lug nuts since I was changing wheels/tire frequency. Know today these are pretty much gold since these deep lugs were obsoleted long ago. Only have 15 of the regular lug nuts and 3 of the wheel locks with key left. Threw away the ones that got any cross threading or burrs, hence why 1 less of each than a full set. Asking $100 for the lugs and locks with key.

    Everything is pick up near Dallas, TX. Zip code 75080.
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    Are the wheels still available? Interested in the loose stock wheel.


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      Yes, they are still available


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        Will you ship the loose wheel?


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          If you can provide a box and shipping account. I have no boxes to ship any wheels. Hence why I posted local pickup only


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            Single wheel sold. Just the 2 wheel sets left