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front header panel for sale

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  • front header panel for sale

    Fairly nice SVO front header panel for sale. Asking $250.00 plus shipping. Actual shipping charged based on destination.

    Header panel missing some pieces around the LH headlight as shown in pictures, but should be easily repaired without affecting mounting to fenders, bumper cover, etc.

    More pics available upon request.
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    If someone is even _thinking_ about keeping their car for the long run, they should consider getting this for a spare. These things break easily, and the aftermarket units require a LOT of work fitting everything so it works. I have my old, broken one as a spare, as I spent the time to fit the aftermarket unit. Our car had suffered getting the front right corner hit with a road gator and a minor bump at a stop sign, and it was really messed up.

    This is a deal, IMHO.
    Gene Beaird,
    86 2R SVO, G Stock,
    Pearland, Texas