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Silver SVO in IL with 13k miles

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  • Silver SVO in IL with 13k miles

    Just a heads up...

    This car was for sale a month or so ago for $13k, now its back on CL for $22k...

    PS: (Off Topic) I also passed on this GT350 for similar condition issues (it was worse with rust and paint work) and was also $13k on CL and now $24k...

    After 40 years in this hobby/industry I find the amount of deception nowadays to be very sad (not just cars, the darkness consumes people/institutions).

    Disclaimer: Just for the record, I have nothing against somebody making money and selling something for market value, but fraud is another matter.
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    I wonder what happened between last month and this time around that the vehicle appreciated so much. Anyways, beautiful looking vehicle.


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      Must have been a pair of new outer marker lights, the weird LH fender thingy and the awesome hatch badging...?
      Quick flipping for a buck..a little engine detail and a Marti report, all worth the $1000's of course hahaha
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        I believe this is the same car that was for sale in WI last year. The guy was asking $10.5. The car was being offered by the original owner (supposedly). There was scrapes down the side of the DS door from what looked to be bicycle pedals hitting the car over the years. Yep, and the alarm "lock" on the fender.
        Yes, a lot of deception going on these days. Sold a super low mile 85 GT back in 2015. Car showed up on Ebay claiming it was a 1 owner car. I email the selling dealer. They said thanks, we'll make the change, they never did. I was the 3rd owner, sold it to another person who then sold it to another person and auctioned it at a Mecum auction in PA. Following along? That makes the selling dealer the 6th owner. Maybe the title was never transferred, but....anyway, the car was listed for over 3 times the price I sold it for.
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          Doubling in price over a couple sales isn't surprising, but it is somewhat unfortunate when you really think of it. The car has landed in the hands of someone who views the car as a business proposal vs getting it into the hands of an enthusiast that would appreciated it more than the next guy wanting to flip it as well.

          The alarm lock is not uncommon on 80's vehicles, I had a Chapman system on mine when I bought it, but it was luckily located under the dash and part of a hood latch mechanism. Still have the 'scar' of the alarm's siren mounting plate on my ignition coil cover emissions decal.

          Any idea of the VIN on this one?
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            No VIN provided but it's "down" to $20,900
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              Originally posted by Corrugated View Post
              , the weird LH fender thingy
              Awww c'mon, you don't like the key switch for the alarm ( 70-80's Corvettes) in the fender??
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                Reality is starting to set in for the "new" owner. Price is down to $17,900. Guessing it will be sitting over the winter unless he tries to put it on BAT.
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                  I know this isn't an SVO but I wanted to give update on this car since I mentioned it previously. Word of caution to the Fox Mustang community, this car has MI rust, paint work, exhaust/carb mods, and all the previous auctions did around $12k (market value) and now bids from $12k to $24k (reserve met) are the same bidder, buyer beware...

                  EDIT: Update, just looked at my watching page and noticed the listing was over with no bids even though the reserve was met, so they cancelled all bids and ended auction, yet the bid history doesn't show any cancelled bids, or any bids for that matter, sneaky.
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