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1985.5 anyone know the car?

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  • 1985.5 anyone know the car?

    I am looking at this 85.5 but am wondering if anyone on here owns the car or knows it? It is not in the registry. Dealer does not know all the details regarding paint but he did mention the engine is not original to the car. The car has a few modifications and has a custom mount for the intercooler. The paint does not look original but it looks to be done correctly to SVO specs. The trim and wing look like painted black (they look excellent tho).
    How about some thoughts or info if anyone has any....

    Like I said everything else looks correct (underneath looks untouched) I think the bellhousing has been cleaned and bottom looks to be undercoated. Looks like a decent car that the engine has been modified and not much else...

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    While I don't know the history, appears to be a nice car overall. What is the mileage? The fading of the console would suggest more than 27k.

    Definitely undercoated and you can see the plugs in the door jams. Quite a mess on the underside, hopefully it did it's job and protected everything.

    At this price point, I am surprised that they didn't clean the car up a bit more, particularly the carpet.

    Few other things are off, like the alternator pulley. Should be zinc dichromate prior to '86. Positive battery cable is after market, hard to confirm from the pics, but the coolant hose clamps appear to be replacements. Coolant bottle is very discolored from use, again questioning the mileage. Missing cargo shade.

    Hope this helps in your quest...


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      I am on the hunt for an 86 9L but will settle on an 85.5 in prob any color. I want it to be stock or easily brought back to stock, I have had my 86 for 31yrs and I have used it. It is beyond my budget to get it back to where it needs to be. It nds more work than it is worth, although it is a great driver...

      Back to this 85.5, I agree and they said mileage is "unknown" but the car still shows very well. The radio, vents nooks and crannies show dust and wear BUT not horribly tho. The paint is too nice to be original unless they really cleaned it up and maybe clearcoated it?? IDK. Trim should be flat gray and not black so it def has had paintwork done.

      I am gonna call them tomorrow and see what else they got to say. It is a looker tho and would like to see in person. The video does it justice if you looked.


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        I don't mean to rain on your parade because its coming from a good place. Majority of vehicles at "classic car dealers" are very overpriced, its part of their business model. I would strongly suggest not buying any car sight-unseen, because photographs can be very deceiving. I could show you hundreds of examples that you would have a hard time believing, like panels being different shades, poor paint work, exhaust smoke, foul interior smells, and lots more that you can't see in photos. Don't let your emotions override wise purchase decisions, look it over in-person yourself and/or have a knowledgeable professional evaluate it in-person for you.


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          There has to be someone on this site local to Detroit who could go look it over for you. If not, maybe try on the facebook page.


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            This appears to be the 4th to last 85.5 built on 8/1/85.

            I used to own 244593 which was the 3rd to last built also on 8/1/85.

            Of course that isn't guaranteed as Ford didn't always build them consecutively by VIN. But in this case I'd say it is a fair assumption.

            Over all I'd say it looks like it wasn't always kept up with based on the amount of oil on the steering rack and oil pan area.

            I haven't checked the registry.

            Edit: It definitely has been clear coated.
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              It is hard to tell in the pics if some of that is undercoating or oil. I don't disagree on it being oil tho...according to the CarFax this is a Michigan car all its life. I think that would be similar to New England weather and back then they undercoated the crap out of cars. My 53 Buick still has its undercoating (we are its original owners and 30k miles).
              I am waiting to hear back on a list of questions that I want answered.

              I am always concerned on paint work bc I have seen some look great but after a short time they don't hold up (ask me how I know...actually don't ask bc my blood psi will boil over). Obviously, if it is done right then no need to worry. If the RED on this car is the factory paint that has been either paint corrected and/or clear-coated then OK by me.

              According to the CarFax the mileage is true @27K but I am surprised that the original motor was pulled (for reasons unknown to me...) but sometimes people do funny things and maybe they have $ to burn.

              I am not a fan of dealing with brokers/consignment dealers either. This is not the first time I have tried to get info and they never seem to answer pretty basic questions. I have my eye on that 86 9L that has been for sale for months now which is a low mile beauty but again that car has a few puzzling things on it that make no sense for an11k mile car.
              Not to get too off subject but that 9L is missing the hood insulation, missing the plastic cover for the voltage regulator, missing the Koni's....crazy crap like that...I asked the question and got no answers about it. That 9L is legit and in the registry and was sold out of Naugatuck, CT in 2015ish and it had those above mentioned items, the current owner had something else in mind I guess...anyway back to the 85.5 2R...smh...


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                I am not pooping on the car... but, I doubt that is factory paint. Look at the radiator support to the bumper cover/ inner fender/ fender shade difference. Yes, the bumper cover is painted off the car, but the radiator support appears duller than the fenders.

                Another good picture is of the spats. Look at the road rash on the black trim vs. the nice shiney red.

                What is disappointing is that you are asking questions and not getting a response. That would probably turn me off and start looking elsewhere.

                Have you tried simply posting "wanted" ads on the various sites?


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                  There was a really nice '86 1C posted up for sale back in '21. I know the owner got frustrated with lack of interest and decided to take it off the market and I know you really want a 9L, but it might be worth looking into.


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                    Sent you a PM about an '86 9L for sale.


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                      I'm wondering if the engine really has been replaced. They may just be ignorant about SVOs and not know what they're really looking at. There are some minor details that aren't exactly correct but the rest looks factory to me.

                      There is a lot of undercoating but also oil / greasy dirt.


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                        Thanks for all the replies. This place is trying to be helpful but they have to get info from the actual owner. There is a 9L that I inquired about in Georgia and the broker tried very hard with a few questions but the owner was not very helpful. That 9L has 11k or so but the Konis were replaced with non-Konis and a few other things. That car was 100% 4 yrs ago when it was sold but current owner changed those Konis and in the process lost the plastic cover for the solenoid and messup the plastic wireharness tab that loops on the strut tower know **** like that is what happens when ignorant people work on a virgin car...and lost the hood insulation....That is currently listed at "was" worth 28K but not after those few things...still a great car but it needs $3-4K to get it back to "almost" original....anyway...rant over....4now