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The Reunion 2003 - registered attendees

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  • The Reunion 2003 - registered attendees

    Yup - we've already received our first registration!! I'll be making updates as they roll in. If classes get too full - they'll be broken down by mileage (so please don't forget to mark that down).

    Ben O'Brien - 1C Comp Prep - 20k miles - TN
    Anthony M Ruggiero - 2R - 99k miles - GA
    Ted Schaefer - 1C - 92k miles - IL
    George Comesanas - 1C - 5k miles - FL
    Ralph Kingrey - 1C - 62k miles - GA
    Mark Hatfield - Patriot - unk miles - MS
    Eric Martin - 2A - 90k miles - NJ
    Marion Warren - 2A - 58k miles - KY
    Mark Haas - 9L - 3k miles - MI
    David Warren - 1C Comp Prep - 83k miles - KY
    Richard Martin - 9L - 140k miles - NJ
    Chris Hadden - 1C - 235k miles - GA
    Joe Pietkiewwicz - 2A - 60k miles - PA
    Bruce Richards - 1E - 140k miles - WI
    Robert Smith - 2R - 77k miles - GA
    Rick Singer - 2R - 98k miles - IN
    Rich Alvino - 1C - 124k miles - FL
    Richard Schonegg - 2R - 157k miles - IN
    Greg Spencer - 1D - 143k miles - OH
    Derek Hopper - 2A - 65k miles - SC
    Ryan Cloud - 2A - 100k miles - AL
    Gator G. Gator - 2R - 130k miles - OH
    Steve Gasich - 1C - 80k miles - MO

    Bill Hatfield - 2R - 21k miles - MS
    Ken Potter - 2R - 102k miles - GA
    Don Bishop - 2R - 39k miles - MI
    Jon Huber - 2A - 73k miles - MO

    John Basler - 4E - 89k miles - MO

    James Price - 9W - 150k miles - GA
    Perry Mitchell - 9W - 79k miles - MS
    Kerry Brown - unk color - 102k miles - AL
    Rob Wagner - Custom Color - 124k miles - KY
    Jason Leach - Custom Color - 135k miles - MD
    Robert Rovers - 9W - 141k Kilometers - Ontario/CANADA
    Rich Mora - 2A - 80k miles - NJ
    Mark Miller - 2A - 18k miles - OH
    Jay Griffin - white - 145k miles - SC
    Mike Pate - 1C - 79k miles - AR
    Jason Nance - 1C - unk miles - AL

    Directors - cars will be display only
    Bud Morton - 85 9L
    Ty Burgin - 84 1E
    Eric Courtwright - 86 1E
    Mike Ray - 84 CC
    Paul Becker - 86 CC

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    for being "The Old Man" boy he moves fast!
    I hope that Elsie and I can make it. But its almost for certain that we will be there. She always looks forward to seeing the guys and gals. But i know for sure that i wont sit her with Lynette when we go out to dinner. inside joke
    Hope to see all soon -RICH-
    < - - - Brothers From Different Mothers


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      Does anyone know if Lee Clary is attending by any chance? I would almost be willing to take a kick to groin to check out his car in person. I'd also love to see Scott Wiggington's? SVO, the pearl white one with metallica blue accents? Might he be attending?

      Thanks in advance,
      -Mike Malone (svoca #416)
      84 9W / 85.5 9L / 86 2A


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        I`m filling out the form as I write this
        MoTeC M4 when you care to use the very best


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          Originally posted by Joe P
          I`m filling out the form as I write this
          cool, fill one out for me too...and if ya dont mind send em' some money while yer at it....

          No, serious, im good for it.


          " Motorsport really has no need for a group like ours, but we will endeavor to serve regardless." - PRDA


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            Finally getting off my ***

            I'm finally getting off my *** and registering for the reunion. Where are all the other 85.5's? I also just noticed that my membership has expired! I'll be sending 2 checks along with my registration form today. The MCA offers a 5 year membership. It would be great if SVOCA could do this as well?


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              Jon Huber will have his 85.5, and I will be bringing the green monster. Apparently the inter-office mail monsters got my envelope before it left A-B. I am resending our registrations out today.
              John Basler
              '85 1C
              I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class, especially since I rule.


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                I was wanting to bring the 1B 85.5 also but couldn't find anybody who could go / drive it / follow me up ...


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                  o.k. If nobody wants to bring a 85, I will if everyone promises to not make comments about a totally stock car. I have a Bill Elliott 85 that I can bring , but it is totally stock and won't win anything but the 85 original class and it will not be a lot of fun to race as compared to my other cars. Give me your comments. I had originally planned on bringing the black 86 that will haul *** and ain't bad looking. Let's do a poll. I need suggestions. Ralph


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                    early 85s have always been the lowest turn outs. Basler is bringing his ... and I'l have mine there. Your call Ralph ... but which one do you think you'll have the most fun with!?!?


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                      Represent and bring the 85 dude!
                      "Team Cobra Kai"


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                        I'll be there in my 85 2A

                        but I'm layed off and a tight a$$ right now, so just haven't registered yet. Guess I better send it in huh?
                        Just hope I can get it back together in time!
                        If it ain't broke... Give me some time!


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                          I notice mine is the high mileage winner right now.

                          edit: never mind, "Chris Hadden - 1C - 235k miles - GA" - open mouth, insert foot.

                          And it's making the trip to and from the reunion under it's own power (hopefully).
                          Last edited by 140cilx; 09-22-2003, 05:55 PM.
                          -James Price- '84 SVO 9W leather, SVO #124


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                            how many miles?

                            Mine has 115,000 something.... of course, just about everything has been replaced or rebuilt since 90,000...
                            If it ain't broke... Give me some time!


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                              I'm probably not gonna know if i'm coming till right at october 1st. If it comes down to that, can I just send you a pm telling you that I registered, while my money and registration finds itself to you guys through snail mail?
                              Nascar is to Racing what Special Olympics is to Athletics

                              1986 9L SVO, Leather, Sunroof