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Reunion 2003!

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  • Reunion 2003!

    Man my first! It was a blast to have meet everyone and seen some people that I have already meet. Wow Jason L. that car looks greatttttt! Can not wait till next year! Thanks eric for the hard work! Jeff Dunevant:p
    Jeffery Dunevant

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    Had a great time there,A.
    Met lot's of great people,A.
    Nice Header there Bud,A.
    I'll be there next year


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      ANOTHER BLAST...............

      Wow! Wow!, what a blast. Like Kentucky Burbon, these reunions just keep getting better and better. You that could not make the 2003 Ky reunion missed a good hair-cutting and head-shaving demonstration.

      55 beautiful SVO's in the same parking lot.....awsome sight!!!

      Thanks Bud, Eric, Ty and all the rest for the job "well done". In my 75 years I have never met a more compatible, friendlier and enjoyable group.

      Special thanks to GATOR for fetching the old battery from Ohio (original battery for 26 mile SVO).

      Thanks Gang, you make this ole soldier proud,
      Bill Hatfield


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        ...and for anyone who missed Sweet William giving rides at the autocross, you really missed out!
        John Basler
        '85 1C
        I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class, especially since I rule.


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          Glad it was a good time. I wish I could have made it. Duty called and I had to work. We are packing up to head overseas. The hunt for Osama still going. Who won all the cool stuff? What kinda times were being ran at the dragstrip? Bud, did you wipe out again this year? LOL!! Maybe next year.



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            I just rolled in about 30 minutes ago .. and still wiping the road grime off.

            We had a blast!!! 55 cars !!! whhoooo-hoooo!! Gator shaved his head!! Watching Huber's car run a 9.98 ET !!

            No, I didn't spin-out .. but I'll let the scoreboard do the talking

            More stuff to come later once I've relaxed a bit and got a good nap in.


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              Originally posted by svobud
              Gator shaved his head!!

              How much beer did that take?
              Gary Alsobrooks
              SVOCA Founding 5 , #005


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                Originally posted by svogary
                How much beer did that take?
                DUDE!!!! I wish you could have seen that. But trust me, there was enough cameras flashing and videoing taping during the process that there's plenty of evidence of it. BTW .. I had the honors of being the 'shaver' .. and Andy Wenk followed it up with the shaving cream and razor!! Yeah, BALD! Baby-butt bald!!.

                Nothing like rubbing your shaved gator in the morning. Yeah, Come on!


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                  Was he wearing his cape too?

                  Oh I gotta see those pics!
                  A young Don Zimmer look alike?
                  If he wore his cape I'm thinking of a new superhero...

                  SuperElmerFudd... leader of the SVO world order
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                    [QUOTE]Originally posted by johnbasler
                    [B]...and for anyone who missed Sweet William giving rides at the autocross

                    Thanks John, both Mark and I appreciate all the expertise and friendship that you and the Huber bunch bring to our club and the SVO legend. You're more than welcome. C U next year.

                    Bill Hatfield


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                      Yeah, C'mon!!! Another great weekend at the SVO Reunion! We had 55 SVO's in attendance, and speculation says it's because of the more central location of the event this year. But I gotta tell ya, I'd travel across the country to enjoy the company of all the people that make up the SVOCA! I gotta have an SVO just to participate--it's that good! Yeah, if you're asking, I mean both, the people and the car. I gotta get mine together for next year. I started working on it as soon as I got home. C ya there!!!
                      My wife says it's a sickness...what do you think?


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                        For the people that missed the skinning of the gator
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                          YEA-COME ON. Kelly and I had a great time again. Lots of cool people, great cars and beer. What more could you want in one weekend? Thanks all who voted for the black car. Congrats to those who ran thier a$$es off at the autocross. Quote of the year goes to Ty-daddy I'm the one yer momma warned you about). I got some great pics about 60 or so, I'll send them to Eric so he can post them. Let me have a YEA-Come On. See ya next year. Oh yea one more thing I WON A HEADER. Later, Chris Hadden
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                          86 1c, turbo4


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                            Originally posted by roberto2000
                            For the people that missed the skinning of the gator
                            BRAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah, com'on!


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                              MAN!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm jealous! I sitting here laughing about some of those quotes. I can only imagine how they came about. I'd love to see some pics. I know most of you don't know me, but please send some. I'll give my work address. I pretty much live there right now!
                              See ya all in a year or so.