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  • leaving the party

    There I was in the garage reunion Friday night trying to get a blown head gasket replaced so I could join in in the reunion weekend. I had been at the dyno day all day so I was pretty tired. I was very sleepy when I finally got the head loose enough to try to lift off. I new it was going to be a pain in the A@$ to get it lifted off!
    The phone rings and it is SVOERIC checking on my progress. He has been the organizer and doing all the leg work for the reunion( awesome job every year it has been in KY) Having a great time in the hospitality room at SVO central. I told him where I was

    Soo SVOERIC and THESVOTRUST drive 28 miles and help me put it all back together. and Mark was krindging at all the "modified" Parts and pieces LOL, But we three pressed on into the wee hours of the show morning. They both stayed till we heard the sweet sound of a running SVO at about 1:00 am.
    I can't thank them enough because with out them I would be sitting at the show with out a car.
    This is a small example of this club and its members
    Thank's guy's see ya at the show!
    Rob Wagner SVOCA #66
    86 2A comp prep, 2011 F250

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    Thumbs Up!

    Man that ROCKS! Hope the motor wasn`t hurt?

    Your right, there is always someone willing to help one another out at anytime.

    Joe P.
    MoTeC M4 when you care to use the very best


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      Rob made it fine. He also won in his class at the show shine
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        Gator Has Hair?!?

        As I read your post, I was like COOL, then I also see Gator posing in the pic as well. He has hair

        Great job Rob!

        Joe P.
        MoTeC M4 when you care to use the very best


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          I see in your sig you gave my old car some "legitimacy" you gave 'er a name! Glad you got your car done for the show!

          85 1C, 85.5 1B
          10 GT Premium
          01 Jeep Wrangler


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            Wasn't kringing! (I was confused)!

            Hi Rob,
            Just getting around to get caught up!

            Yes seeing your car (for the first time) and "jumping in" to assemble was dauting.

            But YOU let us help, got it done and made it to the reunion (and won).

            Thanks for the thanks,
            P.S. If anything, it might make me bring a motified car next year!