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Top 10 quotes from this years Reunion

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  • Top 10 quotes from this years Reunion

    I know there were some good ones, but my mind has been so overwhelmed I can't remember a single one right now. There were some good ones at the autocross, even without Bud there. I'll let you all fill them in.
    If it ain't broke... Give me some time!

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    I've sure Perry Mitchell could give you a quote ... IF this wasn't a PG-13 rated website.


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      Here's a couple for ya.....

      1. No, Bud is not here and this isnt his car so please dont key it!

      2. Hello, Im Bud Morton...what about it?

      3. and my fav form Mr Pat...I've gotta have another spin on that bulls**t!
      "Team Cobra Kai"


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        I've got a few....

        1) Mike's gonna open up a chicken joint over where Rite Aid used to be.....he's gonna sell only Left Wings

        2) Hey Mark, that's a GREAT replica of the MAC tools car!

        3) Gator, this is North vs. South....not Bloods vs. Crips

        4) Florida is NOT a southern state!!!

        5) We need to make some T shirts that say "I got booted by Bud!"

        6) Gator simply saying to us "WHAT are you guys thinking?!?" in regards to making him a director
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          Well, it usually takes me about a week to really remember them all...but I'll post the most memorable ones right now, and there were alot more than 10 !!

          1) "My name is Angry Bud Morton...and if you get outta line on my board, I'll boot yer @$$" -- JayG introducing himself to a reunion first-timer.

          2) "Sometimes a star shines brightest...right before it burns out" -- Ted "The Chi-Town hitman" Schaeffer

          3) "Uhhhh Bud.....this is Perry Mitchell" -- Perry Mitchell

          4) "C'mon Gator, come to the drag-strip and run yer street-tires....I am." -- Ernie Orwig trying to sucker-bet me.

          5) "Thank you ladies and gentlemen!! Dont forget to tip your waiters and waitresses !!" -- JayG

          6) " far I have had my arm-broken, cannabilized and im dating a transvestite...not a bad reunion so far." -- Unknown.

          7) "5 grand for the weekend..." -- CA Joe

          8) "I know that you and Alvino were up to somethin with all them tires he had....but bringing in a ringer....thats just playin' dirty." -- Ty


          10) "I dont want no Yankee winnin' for the can have em' " -- General JayG

          11) "HUH !?!??! Well...he didnt consult the rest of his troops on that one" -- Ty responding to news that General JayG was "letting" Alvino put his name in for the North.

          12) "Ringer?.... I call it luck of the draw..." -- Tim "The Ringer" Boles

          13) "Bored out cams and dual runs 4's in the full quarter mile...." -- The tool that was hanging around all weekend.

          14) "At the end of the day....when all is said and done...stand on your head, and my name will be at the top of that list." -- Perry

          15) " WOW GATOR, YOU SURE ARE GULLIBLE !!!" -- Ben O'Brain. ( Keep in mind this is after he asked Kingrey if he "really" made 700 HP at the rear-wheels....and yes, im the one that told Ben that in the first place. )

          16) "All he kept saying is that "I gotta beat Gator...I gotta beat Gator..." -- Eric's wife referring to Eric.

          17) "Well....thats a shame" -- My response to the above....

          18) "Pfffft....dont look at me b**ch !!" -- Ty

          " Motorsport really has no need for a group like ours, but we will endeavor to serve regardless." - PRDA


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            "13) "Bored out cams and dual runs 4's in the full quarter mile...." -- The tool that was hanging around all weekend."

            He told me it ran 6 seconds in the quarter.
            He also said he had $800,000 into his vette, and his brother blew the engine and totaled the car.
            He also was trying to give me advice on what I should do to my car.
            "You ought to go with a stage 6 turbo and dual intercoolers"
            "Put some naws on it. It'll really go out of the corners then!"
            I started playing with him some.
            It was entertaining at first, but I got bored and started ignoring him.
            At least I never heard him say we ought to put V8's in them... I think I'd had to walk him to the street and say a goodbye then.
            If it ain't broke... Give me some time!


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              Back on topic.
              Not exactly a quote, but Madeline kept making "Vroom vroom pop pop pop" sounds whenever one of the cars that backfired a lot was out on the track.
              If it ain't broke... Give me some time!


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                Not a quote, but a word of advice to everyone, if Gator dials the phone and hands it to you.....................................just hang up!
                Perry Mitchell


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                  i hear the tool say his '69 vette ran 8s in the quarter but "his friend knew how to get it into the 6s"... on a stock chebby rear end. he also stated that he got the vette after losing his _PINTO_ in a pink slip race.
                  redneck engineered 84 2a, stock 84 1D.


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                    Originally posted by indiana dave
                    "13) "Bored out cams and dual runs 4's in the full quarter mile...." -- The tool that was hanging around all weekend."
                    Was that that redheaded hick hanging around the hotel?

                    His best to Alexl and me at breakfast on Sunday was:

                    "I was drag racing and put my pink slip on the line and lost"

                    "Oh, what where you running?", I respond

                    "Oh man, my Pinto..lost it"

                    no lie!!!

                    Alexl told me afterwards.. "I gotta get outta here. That guy spouted so much bull*hit that I couldn't take it anymore"
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                      How about...

                      My favorite store... Liquor World!



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                        An old guy and his wife pulled up to the back of Haas' trailer in a late model F-250. He rolled down the window and asked if this was a swap meet. We answered that it was a car show and a swap. He then asked:

                        "Anyone have any parts for a '52 Buick?"


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                          Gimme your tots???
                          Izzy Lopez
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                            Thursday night, a gaggle of us went over to Hooters (where else, right?) to get some grub and shoot the shee-ite.
                            So I wonder in with JoeV and his friend Joe from Cali. We see Underpressure (Rick) and we go to a table together. We are kind of pondering if we want to go into "the garage", when the waitress comes up and says............

                            "Are you guys together?"


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                              Originally posted by svobud
                              I've sure Perry Mitchell could give you a quote ... IF this wasn't a PG-13 rated website.
                              Have you seen a PG-13 movie lately........?
                              They are getting fairly liberal with the rating these days.....