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    Butter - "I pulled more tail than a 2 year old at the dog pound."

    Unknown after seeing the Road Warrior pull onto the dyno - "I just want to hug that poor car!"
    86 SVO, 69 AMX, 91 SHO, 91 Bronco


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      "I didnt want to beat on the car too much, i mean after-all, its not mine." - Canada Rob (aka: Nanook )

      "My son was appalled by that conversation, and he could only hear what I was saying on the phone." - Tom Leslie

      "You said "Below me" " - Butter Bishop

      "Kids...earmuffs." - Bud

      "...they are called Bennie-Boys." - Navy

      "Ahhh, must be Ty comin back from lunch." - "Butter Bishop" ( after hearing police sirens.)

      "What the hell is with all the ambulances?" - Pretty Much Everyone at the Reunion

      "I truly miss Tom Leslie." - Ty

      "There is a road gator...somethin' somethin' to the pickle-park. " - Perry and Butter (talking shop)

      "You know how you said i need to catch up on the drinkin'...? I did." - The Bas

      "You bring more useless s&%t home after these trip..." - Mel ( my wife )

      ....and THE #1 quote for the weekend: ( No joke, im still giggling about this like a 4th grader. The timing and execution was perfect. )

      "Gator, what is wrong with you? Seriously, have you ever asked yourself that question ?" - Tom Leslie

      " Motorsport really has no need for a group like ours, but we will endeavor to serve regardless." - PRDA


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        Bud to GAboySVO regarding the cosmetic condition of the Road Warrior:

        "If you ever fix the body and paint on that thing I'll hunt you down and kick your butt."


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          my favorite quote was upon my return home. My wife saw the near-empty truck and trailer and said:

          "you mean that there are people out there that actually wanted that stuff?"

          she never seemed to believe me before...
          John Basler
          '85 1C
          I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class, especially since I rule.


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            I always knew Beth had a sense of humor!!


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              My wife after talkng to Jim Boles about his Esslinger head...
              "Screw the stock stuff... Let's just get an Esslinger head!"

              My wife's great... ain't she?

              I'm a tightazz though... so if a new headgsasket is all it needs, that's all it'll get... except maybe a new cam and followers... maybe a roller.... heck... maybe an Essy... but then... why not get the whole head.... then there's a nice polished intake setup I spotted, with 70mm throttlebody...
              If it ain't broke... Give me some time!


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                Bud: "Ask him if he has a two finger bag for sale" Referring to the guy who locked his keys in his traveling meth lab.
                Gator: "Thanks buddy" Said to our waitress at lunch and finding out she quit only minutes after.


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                  " Damn, I'm still drunk!"..........A board member who shall remain anonomous in the motel lobby at 7:30 Saturday morning.
                  Perry Mitchell